28NOV2022 – OCF Update

After that wonderful Thanksgiving holiday I’m a little groggy from all the food.  But we must soldier on.  I’ll be out of pocket today for miscellaneous reasons.  Hopefully this evening I’ll be able to do a little writing.  So hang in there.


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Neil Dunn
Neil Dunn
10 months ago

“…I’m a little groggy from all the food.”

Waste line change? Nice non-seasonal pictures.

Neil Dunn
Neil Dunn
10 months ago

And some good news about twitter–namely, it seems to be going gangbusters.
Calculating:  This article says Twitter activity is at an all time high–>8 Billion minutes/day with 250+ million users = about 32 min/day/user.
Side note: Elon posts a tweet at 3:48 am and gets 60+replys and almost 600K likes.