Will the Woke World Eventually Crash of its Own Accord?

Rumors of the imminent crash of the woke world have been circulating for millennia.  Plato records Socrates bemoaning the bad manners and laziness of young Athenians.  Well, they did lose the Peloponnesian War so maybe that’s not a good example.  But it does seem like the demise of our declining civilization is taking an inordinately long time to happen.

But I think I’ve identified a reliable harbinger of the apocalypse:

Somebody paid millions of dollars to create this thing to honor Martin Luther King in Boston.  This is not a trivial thing.  The hoops you need to go through to get the funds, allocate the public space, get all the regulatory requirement approved and get all the warring factions of the woke coalition lined up is anything but easy.  Now imagine they did all this and still didn’t look at this abstract sculpture carefully from all directions to see what it would look like.

These people are either profoundly stupid or mentally ill.  Or they’re both.  Of course what does that say about us that we’re being run into the ground by them?

Truly we’ve reached a point in our civilization where the only hope is for some locality to break entirely away from this sick depraved global mess and try to restore a sane healthy human community.

I guess that’s the quadrillion dollar question; will it happen?  Well, I’ve got something around twenty years left on this planet (more or less) and I’m very interested to see the outcome.  If it begins to look like some place, maybe a US red state, starts accomplishing this revolution I’ll advocate vigorously for my descendants to migrate to that place.  But I can tell you unequivocally that it won’t be Boston.  These must be the most hopelessly myopic people on the face of the Earth.  They should be mercilessly mocked by everyone over this for as long as it takes for that absurd statue to be torn down and melted down to make maritime hardware or something at least useful.