Downfall and the Joe Biden Shuffle

Even the most woke members of the Democrat managerial class must be starting to get the look that you see on the faces of the junior officers in the movie “Downfall.”  The banks are starting to fail, the peasants are looking decidedly pitchforky and the news from Europe is rotten on all fronts.  Now it looks like Russia and China have gotten Iran and Saudi Arabia to bury the hatchet and suddenly currency and petroleum deals won’t be an American monopoly anymore.  Add to that how food and fuel costs are beggaring the working class and you have the beginnings of a really bad situation.

And can you imagine if Joe Biden’s plan to escape from this quagmire is a wag the dog with US troops in Ukraine?  I don’t know about you but I don’t think there’s an eighteen-year-old left in this country who is itching to sign up to fight that war.  I read that military recruiters are coming up empty when they bang the drum for recruits.  And in a lot of cases the people who are showing up are either too fat or too weak or too criminal or too stupid to pass the already dangerously lowered standards that are currently required.

So short of marching Americans to war what will Joe Biden do to rally the country?  I’m guessing he’ll give us some fireside chats.  I’m trying to imagine Mumbles Biden trying to enunciate, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”  It’ll probably come out as, “We have nothing!  Uhhhhh?  To fear or not to fear, that is the, uhhh, thing?  Oh, you know what I mean.  What that other guy said, the one with the cigarette holder.”

Really, things are starting to get dicey.  Lots and lots of the lower echelons of the managerial state are starting to notice that things aren’t going very well for their operations.  Despite the best laid plans of morons, involving trillions of dollars of monopoly money being dumped into the economy it is contracting and despite the millions of young slackers who have permanently moved back into their parents’ basement there are going to be a lot of people unemployed soon.

So, when unhappiness starts to peak and Joe doesn’t have any good news, we’re going to get to see just how well he can shuffle.  My guess is he’ll begin to unwind some of his stupider positions.  Maybe he’ll discover that the Russians and Chinese aren’t such bad guys after all!  Why, the Ukraine thing was Zelensky’s fault all along.  He could throw Blinken and company under the bus just for the hell of it and start cutting deals with Putin and Xi.

And maybe he’ll discover that petroleum products turn out to be really important for the economy and by golly those Greenies are just a bunch of dog-faced pony soldiers or something.  Now of course that would be wildly hypocritical based on all his former statements over the last few years but this is Joe Biden the king of hypocrites.  Changing positions and pretending he always believed something is his stock in trade.

Maybe I’m overestimating just how bad things will get in the next few months.  Maybe it’ll take another year, or even two, to crash what’s left of the American economy.  That’s definitely possible.  For all I know, Kevin McCarthy might be getting ready to cooperate on another multi-trillion-dollar boondoggle to let Joe keep this circus going for another year or so.  But even so, it is starting to feel like the final act is not so far over the horizon.

And it’s not only Biden who has to figure out how to pay the piper.  We all do.  What would be your game plan if all of a sudden hyper-inflation became a reality?  I know I don’t have one.  The good news is that the Democrats would be summarily voted out of office.  The bad news is that the Republicans would be in charge.  We don’t seem to have any serious people left in this country.  Even our generals and corporate leaders are mostly empty suits.  And that reflects what kind of people we have become.  We have gotten the leaders, that for the most part, we deserve.

If I were to assign our primary sins, they’d be sloth and greed.  And correspondingly we will suffer poverty and extreme hardship.  Maybe in the future when stained-glass windows on the cathedrals are made to provide a cautionary lesson about the sins of our times maybe Joe Biden’s leering skeletal face will be the symbol of our downfall.