Supreme Court Schools EPA on the Difference Between Navigable Water and Soggy Ground

The power mad losers at the EPA told a couple in Idaho that they couldn’t build a home on their property because they defined the wet spot on their property as navigable water.  They based this on the fact that the groundwater drains into a nearby lake.  By that theory anyplace it rains is navigable water.

The Supreme Court today looked up navigable in the dictionary and told the EPA to go pound sand.

Apparently they do not subscribe to the Bugs Bunny school of boating where you can row on land.

Thank you Supreme Court for having the courage to acknowledge reality when you see it.

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11 days ago

Surprising to see Kavanaugh be on the dissenting side of this case. Haven’t read the brief yet, but this seemed to be a clear-cut ruling for property owners to have sovereignty of the use of their land.

10 days ago
Reply to  ArthurinCali

Would be curious to see the rational but I hate to extrapolate that curve.

Last edited 10 days ago by TomD
10 days ago

I would say “it’s about time” but it was about time a decade ago or more. The EPA has pulling this waters-of-the-state trick to appropriate private property for more years than I can remember.

Last edited 10 days ago by TomD
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