The Walls of Stupidity

My perusal of the political opinion crap pile today included an article called Don’t Panic When You See New Trump-Biden Poll Numbers.   Apparently, the latest WSJ poll has Biden and Trump tied at 46%.  And the Left’s reaction is a cross between astonishment and panic:

“My informal canvas of liberal friends reveals that this feeling — something like incredulous despair verging on panic — is not unusual. We tamp it down and joke about it, but it never disappears. Tens of millions of Americans are fine with Trump’s brand of revanchist authoritarianism, and even yearn for it. Tens of millions more see him as just one choice among many; maybe they’ll vote for him again if the price of gas goes up.”

This post of mine isn’t meant to blow this poll result into some kind of hopeful sign that the Democrat voter fraud effort will somehow fail to fabricate the requisite millions of fake ballots needed to steal the 2024 election.  Far from it.  I see that as the reality that we now live with.  Protected by the Justice Department the blue city Democrats have carte blanche to steal any election that depends on these states with large cities like Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona.  That’s a given.

But what this poll does tell us is that about half the country no longer believes the narrative.  In the old days telling the American voters that a candidate was a criminal and that he tried to steal his last election from the rightful winner would have completely destroyed his chances in any subsequent election.  Under that old idea of political reality Donald Trump or anyone who was branded a criminal the way he has would be polling 0.0%.  In fact, there wouldn’t even be a spot for him on the polling sheet.  He would just be a cautionary tale about not allowing crazy people to enter politics.

But that’s not today.  Trump panicked the Left.  He triggered the Deep State to pull out all the stops.  They activated all of their bag of tricks; phony prosecutors, phony judges, fake news, FBI goon squads, the COVID voting fraud, basically anything and everything.

So that is what my article is about.  This poll result is what I would call proof that everyone that can be awakened to the truth about our government and politics, has been.  These people are selecting Trump not despite the criminal charges but specifically because of them.  The prosecutions are proof that the system is rigged.  And Trump is our protest vote against this charade.  We are saying, “We see you behind the curtain pulling the strings.  We’re not fooled.  We’re not going to pretend.”

Now this in no way means that we will somehow overcome the regime that runs our country.  They are vicious, powerful and firmly entrenched.  Their actions to eliminate the middle class are proceeding at flank speed.  They have the whip hand and they know it.

But this awakening is a radical shift in the dynamic.  It means that the narrative is dead.  We’re not going to contribute to our own demise.

We’re not going to cheerfully adopt insanities like DEI, transgenderism, endless immigration or climate change as if they were for our own good.  We’re not going to pretend that the endless wars are making us safer.  Appeals to patriotism or legitimacy of rule or even fair play are meaningless.  We have the same relationship to the regime in Washington that the Russians had to the Soviet government.  It was their oppressive master that had to be avoided by any means possible and for which the hope was that eventually it would collapse on its own due to corruption, stupidity and the cumulative effects of the people’s resistance to its rule.

And so, I have the proof I need to unequivocally say something fundamental has changed in the United States.  We are now two different populations with completely separate narratives and diametrically opposed agendas.  The “point of no return” has been reached.  Donald Trump broke down the walls of our stupidity.  We should all thank him for that.

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Neil Dunn
Neil Dunn
8 months ago

” Donald Trump broke down the walls of our stupidity. We should all thank him for that.”

Amen. DT has gotten some much of the slime into the sunlight.