The Ghost of America Yet to Come – Part 2

Yesterday in the first part of this exercise I extrapolated where all the awful policies and consequences of Democrat rule would lead.  It was pretty much the train wreck scenario for our progressive trajectory.  Is there any other path forward?  I’m not sure.

It would be highly unrealistic to imagine a version of the future where traditional values are easily restored to the country.  That would be ignoring reality because the majority of young people living in this country are leftists.  They believe in the woke orthodoxies and align with the agenda that the Democrats espouse.

But it is true that the Biden administration has made a hash of the economy.  Many of the young resent the lack of opportunities in this economy.  And the horrific crime surging around the cities has even begun to frighten urban leftists.  Especially since several of them have become high profile victims of random violence.  So, let’s see if we can spin a version of the future that doesn’t make me want to emigrate.

Here are the circumstances that would have to align to permit us to avoid the future I outlined in Part 1 of this thought experiment:

  1. Joe Biden will have to get his wish and remain the 2024 candidate despite his extreme unpopularity and obvious incompetence.
  2. Donald Trump will have to defy all odds and not get thrown off the ballot by the two major parties.
  3. Joe Biden’s America has to descend three more turns down into the maelstrom its’s currently circling. Maybe the price of food, fuel and housing will continue to spike and interest rates will make home ownership impossible for most people.  Maybe the mass layoffs at the banks and other corporations will start to cut into the Democrat support.  And maybe Joe’s transparent lies will just finally aggravate even the stupidest voters.
  4. And finally, it will require that the Republicans will actually try to restrain voter fraud in the swing states like Georgia and Arizona.

If all these things happen it would be possible for a Republican Congress and President to be installed in 2025.  And if all the promises and plans were put into effect, we could start to get the country back.  The idea of replacing the bulk of the Justice Department sounds like a dream but I’ve heard scenarios that might be workable.  And other worthwhile changes could be made if we could manage to have decent congressional leaders while a Republican president was in the White House.  Putting an end to the “green agenda” would drastically lower the cost of gasoline and heating oil.  It would also lower the cost for almost everything else.  Urban crime wouldn’t disappear overnight but the feds could crack down on DA’s that weren’t prosecuting criminals.  Many things could be turned around once the Democrats were out of the White House.

And now the splash of cold water to wake us up after that pipe dream.  What do I think are the odds that all those things will happen and we escape the Part 1 fate?  One in five?  One in ten?  Hard to say.  But one thing’s for sure.  If it doesn’t happen in 2024 it’s hard to imagine it will ever happen.  Stagflation finished off Jimmy Carter in 1980.  What we have going on right now is worse on every level and includes so many kinds of dysfunction that if it could be ignored during an election year then we would have to be dealing with an entirely different America from the one I grew up in.

So, there’s the happy version.  Let me know what odds you’d give for this version in the comments.  Ho, ho, ho.

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War Pig
War Pig
10 days ago

With California and New York both sealing conviction records, even for felonies, I doubt we can really turn the corner by peaceful means. How long before blue states seal pedophile and sexual predators’ records? So child care facilities, nursing homes and schools will have no way to detect paedos/predators and prevent them from working with vulnerable populations. Banks will wind up hiring thieves. This happened to me. My bank hired a juvenile thief with 20 arrests and 3 convictions and who’s records were expunged. He stole my and several others’ debit card data and account access and ordered merchandise sent… Read more »

Neil Dunn
Neil Dunn
10 days ago

“If it doesn’t happen in 2024 it’s hard to imagine it will ever happen.”

It is our only chance over a very large denominator. You have pretty
much summarized where we are and the significance of the 2024 election.
Thanks for the nice Christmas card. Ho Ho Ho.

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