The Twilight Zone – Complete Series Review – Season 1 Episode 28 – A Nice Place to Visit

Rocky Valentine is a career criminal who as we view him initially is burglarizing a pawn shop.  The cops arrive and Rocky runs down an alley and jumps onto a wall to escape.  The police order him to halt.  He fires a few shots at them and they hit him with several bullets at which point he falls off the wall.  Next we see him lying unconscious on the ground when a portly bearded man named Pip (played by Sebastian Cabot) approaches him and calls to him to wake up.  Rocky gets to his feet and immediately attempts to rob Pip who casually hands him seven hundred dollars and asks him if he’d like more.  When Rocky wants to know who Pip is, he replies that he is Rocky’s guide.  Pip brings Rocky to a spacious apartment decorated in the taste that we imagine Rocky would appreciate.  Large paintings of voluptuously shaped women and gold colored trappings adorn the deluxe suite.  Pip provides him with expensive new clothing, gourmet food and even an attractive interested woman for company.  When Rocky becomes suspicious of this set-up Pip reveals that Rocky died when the police shot him and this was the after-life.   Later on, he brings Rocky to a gambling club where he is surrounded by appreciative attractive women and games of chance where he never loses.  Afterwards he drives home in a luxury convertible with his bevy of girls.

A month later we see him at the club still winning every spin of the roulette wheel and every pull of the slot machine handle.  He’s even bored of the women.  He calls up Pip and begs him to relieve the boredom.  Pip, ever agreeable, asks if he’d like to lose occasionally.  But Rocky says it wouldn’t help.  He asks if he could get back to thievery and Pip recommends a bank around the corner.  But when Rocky asks if it is possible that he’ll get caught Pip’s smile reveals the futility of his idea.  Desperate to understand his predicament he asks why he is so miserable in heaven.  Pip laughs and says, “You think you’re in heaven?”  And the show concludes with Pip laughing on and on and Rocky in despair.

I guess the regulars here know I have a soft spot for comedy.  This is a very silly episode and I like it a lot.  A jolly devil and a despicable thug from Brooklyn.  How can we go wrong?  B+