The Silver Lining of the Impeachment Cloud

Now that the hens in the House have clucked up their impeachment chicken feed it’s time to see what good can be had from this travesty.  The latest polls show that the impeachment is under water from the public’s point of view, a majority is against it.  And that’s for the whole country.  Among Republican voters it’s closer to 100%.  So you would have to imagine that anywhere Republican voters are in the majority that a Democrat congressman who voted for impeachment would be in a lot of trouble.

Here is the list of the 31 Democrat congress-critters that represent districts that President Trump took in his 2016 election along with the President’s winning percentage.

To my way of thinking, any district that the President won by five or more points is very likely to go for a Republican in 2020.  And because of the presidential race and also because of the backlash that the impeachment vote in the House will engender I would not be surprised if everything won by three or more percentage points in 2016 doesn’t go to a Republican.  That is twenty-one seats.  That is a couple of seats more than is needed to flip the House back to the Republicans.  And honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if that number goes even higher.  The President is much more popular than he was in 2016 or even 2018.  So much so that I wouldn’t doubt that in 2020 he’s going to win districts and even states that he didn’t take in 2016.  For that reason I think it’s highly likely that the House will switch hands again in 2020 and President Trump will have a usable Republican congress with which to pass important legislation.  So to the extent that Nancy Pelosi facilitated this with her ridiculous impeachment charade, then I say thank you Crypt Keeper, good work.  Now go off and haunt some other House.