The Twilight Zone – Complete Series Review – Season 5 Episode 20 – From Agnes—With Love

Wally Cox plays James Ellwood, a computer programmer working with the most powerful computer in the world, Agnes.  He took over because his predecessor was driven insane by Agnes’s erratic behavior.  All is going well for Ellwood until he starts a romantic relationship with a pretty co-worker Millie.  Agnes provides him with relationship advice and all of it backfires against Ellwood.  Finally, she tells Ellwood that he should introduce Millie to a handsome, computer programmer named Walter who drives a sports car.  While having drinks with Millie and Walter, Ellwood gets a call from the office telling him that he must report immediately to reprogram Agnes for a special assignment.  But now Agnes tells Ellwood that she is in love with him.  Ellwood scorns her saying she is just a machine.  Agnes responds by becoming irrational and driving Ellwood insane.

Walter is brought in to replace Ellwood and as he is leaving, he expresses the same dire predictions for Walter that Ellwood’s predecessor had expressed for him.  He leaves a broken man.

There’s really not much to say here.  This is one of those purely comical episodes.  And the substance is extremely thin so it probably could be a C+.  But Wally Cox has precisely the correct nerdy scientist persona needed to pull it off.  I like this one so I’m giving it a B+.