We Interrupt This Crisis to Go On With Our Actual Lives

Boy I’m glad I don’t have to watch or read the MSM.  I get a small dose reading my right wing news sources.  They can’t help but report on the big story, i.e., the MSM’s steadily increasing meltdown.  I guess I could consider it entertainment if it weren’t so repetitive.  I mean, how many times can talking heads speculate on how soon Trump will be impeached?

Sure, I know.  No one benefits more than me from mocking the 24/7 outrage machine.  The Trump one act plays are a staple of my blog here and provide me with many chuckles.  But even I know when it’s too much of a good thing.  So I’ll be pacing myself on this day to day drum beating.  And of course if they hand me any comedy gold on a platter, well, who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth?

But my intent is to mix up the output between book and movie reviews, photography articles and general interest posts.  And that’s all for the good.  Part of the strategy of the left is to keep up a steady barrage of bad news to destroy morale.  If you can break away from that monotonous shrieking and enjoy something normal and even wholesome from time to time it recharges the batteries and defeats their intent.

However, what I define as general interest can be considered odd.  But that’s just how it goes.  And, of course, general interest includes anything that impacts the culture war.  So I won’t always be ignoring the left wing nitwits.  I just may be looking away from the front page when selecting a topic of interest.  And now that actual warm weather is occurring over most of the country (but not you Colorado, you’ve been bad) things like baseball and barbecues could even enter into my musings.  For the first time in quite a while the Yankees are looking like a healthy and even exciting team.  For someone who has to deal with Red Sox fans on a more or less daily basis, that can be a very gratifying situation.  I’ve always thought that the Donald had a lot in common with George Steinbrenner, the late owner of the Yankees.  Both were bigger than life showmen who demanded success from those around them.  Steinbrenner was hysterically parodied by Larry David on the Seinfeld television comedy and I sort of take that as my example on how to handle the Trump character in my comic portrayals.

I’ve been gratified of late to see a few commenters on the blog and I definitely encourage anyone who has an opinion to express it (within the bounds of politeness of course).  I’m also looking to add some guest posters soon.  I have another photographer who has already said he’d provide some landscape stuff and I have a young reviewer that I’ll use to provide a fresh perspective on some of the young adult books that are out there.

So things are looking up here at OCF and let’s hope that the next time the MSM is talking about the Donald it’s to announce that they’re throwing in the towel (yeah right!).