Even a Worm Will Turn. How About the Canadians?

Based on current polling Pierre Trudeau is now slightly less popular than skydiving without a parachute  but still not as unpopular as being eaten alive by rats.  At this point the Canadian press sent their stupidest reporter to try and make the Conservative party candidate, Pierre Poilievre, look bad.  It didn’t go well for the reporter.  This clip went viral.

The reporter had a bunch of lazy generalizations and stereotypes about conservatives and Poilievre slaps him down each time telling him to give specific examples or specify who “they” are that are being used as references.  It’s a lot fun.

Could the Canadians have had enough?  As with everything, in the environment we’re in only the result will answer the question.

Trudeau and Zelensky give Standing Ovation to Waffen SS Veteran

You just can’t make this stuff up.  In case anyone wasn’t aware of the Ukrainian fighters during the Second World War who sided with the Nazis, the Canadians managed to find one living in Canada, ninety eight year old Yaroslav Hunka.  And just to be sure his bona fides couldn’t be doubted Hunka was a member of the Waffen SS, the worst of the worst of the Nazi war machine.

So they give him a standing ovation and Zelensky and Trudeau cheer.  Hunka killed lots of Russians!  Yay!  Well, among others.  Now Poland is trying to extradite the nonagenarian for war crimes and the Canadian Speaker of the House of Commons has resigned.  Of course Trudeau claims himself blameless.  I guess utter stupidity is a defense in Canada. And no one would accuse Trudeau of intelligence.  Trudeau was the guy who called the truck drivers that didn’t want the COVID vaccines “fascists.”  Brilliant.

So for the last year or so there’s been all kinds of information about Ukrainian troops in the Azov Assault Brigade who were associated with antisemitism and used Nazi iconography in their uniforms and tattoos.  The American press has shouted down any attempt to highlight this link to fascistic sympathies in Ukraine.  Well, Canada has rendered the point moot.  They managed to dig up the last living Ukrainian Nazi just in time to tar Zelensky and Trudeau together.  While they were at it why didn’t they goose step in a line and give him the Nazi salute too?

Well done Canada, well done.

Manifest Destiny

I read recently that globalists have a plan to combine Mexico, America and Canada into a North America Union.  I won’t go into why I think such a plan is bad for us.  But because of all the talk about unions I had an idea.  Let’s conquer Canada.

Not all of Canada.  We’ll leave Eastern Canada alone.  Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime Provinces don’t seem worth fighting over.  They’re filled with people who remind me of New Englanders.  We should annex the Western and Northern provinces.  And while we’re at it we might as well buy Greenland from Denmark.

Now hear me out.  I have a good reason.  I hate Justin Trudeau and I think most people in Western Canada hate him too.  Well, with the exception of Vancouver but we’ll just rename it North Seattle and fold it into the west coast exclusion zone (California, Oregon and Washington) that will be set up to prevent normal people from wandering in and suffering mental anguish from listening to crazy people.

So, we’ll liberate the good people of Western Canada and immediately begin intensive extraction of fossil fuels, radioactive minerals and anything else that will allow us to restore our civilization to a prosperous state.  Meanwhile we can allow Eastern Canada to feel virtuous that they are no longer responsible for the use of evil fossil fuels from underneath their territory and in fact will no longer have enough petroleum to keep themselves warm and will therefore sink back into a neolithic existence where they’ll feel most morally comfortable.  At that point the French and the English Canadians can resume their eighteenth-century war on a more equal footing and let the best man win.  Hopefully Justin Trudeau will be one of the first victims of that conflict.

Now with all the resources we need for the foreseeable future it would be time to institute the great plan.  A Manhattan Project to accomplish something worthwhile.  The plan is to resurrect and modernize the industrial base of the United States and thus make us self-sufficient again.  And while we’re at it we can figure out the energy resources that will get us through the next thousand years.  Things like that are the natural province of scientists, engineers and economists, not hysterical teenage girls, nitwits and pseudoscientists.

But as soon as the conquest of Western Canada is complete it will also be time to begin re-evaluating our relationship with the other nations of the Earth.  Our alliances have been fraught with dependence and dysfunction.  NATO is a ridiculous sideshow.  The first question to be asked is, does Russia have an interest in conquering Belgium?  The people in Belgium believe in things that the Russians find repugnant.  Their country is a tiny postage stamp that could fit in a suburb of Moscow.  Their only exports are overpriced chocolates and bureaucracy for which there is no demand.  Europe is putatively one of the richest and most technologically advanced regions on Earth.  I think we can leave them to their own devices to defend themselves from their neighbors.

Now China is a threat to Japan and Korea.  If we sell some ICBMs to these folks that should shore up the balance of power there and end our responsibility to these countries.  And for the rest of the world, I don’t have much interest.  Let the Indians and the Russians and the Chinese worry about the Iranians and the Arabs and the Turks.  I suppose the Africans will need some help but it can be on a private charity basis.  I figure the Australians and the New Zealanders can ask the Brits for nukes if they need them.  And we can insist that Mexico and the countries to the south must stop trying to move in with us.  We can’t figure out their problems for them.  They’re going to have to do that on their own.

So, there’s my whole plan for the world.  We can oversee northern North America (most of it) and let the rest of the world figure things out for themselves.  Needless to say, we’ll need to have a very capable military and cutting-edge weapons systems to make sure no one is tempted to cause us any trouble.  But for the most part we can mind our own business and make the lives of Americans the best they can be.

Maybe when we’ve done a really good job of raising the standard of living of the bulk of our people to middle class then we can think about interfering in other people’s affairs.  Until then let’s see if we can get back to post World War II levels first.  That would be the bench mark we can shoot for.  Take that Trudeau.

As the Western World Circles the Drain a Plea to the Canadian Truckers

That mannikin Justin Trudeau or, as I think of him, the most brain damaged and least masculine of the Olsen Triplets

has declared war on the normal people of Canada.  And in case it escapes the notice of normal people in Canada their status as adults is at stake.  The American Right has already surrendered any pretense of being considered adults when we allowed Dementia Joe to occupy the White House and sniff adolescent girls and speak in tongues during press conferences.  But at least we can point to the fact that the Democrats have taken possession of the US military with its thousands of megatons of nuclear destructive potential and drone strike capability.

What can Justin Trudeau wield?  He’s got several thousand men wearing Dudley Do-Right costumes

and some snow plows.  It seems to me the truckers in Canada are supremely positioned to shock the anglosphere by telling Trudeau to stick it where the sun don’t shine.  If truck drivers even just stopped delivering fuel for vehicles and heating life as we know it would cease to exist in the Great White North.  In case any Americans forget it’s frikkin’ cold up there.  Within days everything would grind to a  halt and cannibalism would become commonplace.  It would be an arctic version of The Road Warrior.

So my Canadian brethren, don’t let us down.  Strike a blow for freedom and send that twig boy packing to some sex reassignment clinic where they can try to turn him into a proper woman instead of the tutti-frutti spectacle he currently is.  And you’ll get your country back too.  Not a bad fringe benefit.