As the Western World Circles the Drain a Plea to the Canadian Truckers

That mannikin Justin Trudeau or, as I think of him, the most brain damaged and least masculine of the Olsen Triplets

has declared war on the normal people of Canada.  And in case it escapes the notice of normal people in Canada their status as adults is at stake.  The American Right has already surrendered any pretense of being considered adults when we allowed Dementia Joe to occupy the White House and sniff adolescent girls and speak in tongues during press conferences.  But at least we can point to the fact that the Democrats have taken possession of the US military with its thousands of megatons of nuclear destructive potential and drone strike capability.

What can Justin Trudeau wield?  He’s got several thousand men wearing Dudley Do-Right costumes

and some snow plows.  It seems to me the truckers in Canada are supremely positioned to shock the anglosphere by telling Trudeau to stick it where the sun don’t shine.  If truck drivers even just stopped delivering fuel for vehicles and heating life as we know it would cease to exist in the Great White North.  In case any Americans forget it’s frikkin’ cold up there.  Within days everything would grind to a  halt and cannibalism would become commonplace.  It would be an arctic version of The Road Warrior.

So my Canadian brethren, don’t let us down.  Strike a blow for freedom and send that twig boy packing to some sex reassignment clinic where they can try to turn him into a proper woman instead of the tutti-frutti spectacle he currently is.  And you’ll get your country back too.  Not a bad fringe benefit.

Will the Canadian Parliament Allow the Emergency Declaration?

If any Canadians would like to chime in, I’m curious whether they think Parliament will allow Trudeau to assume dictatorial powers against the “Bouncy Castle” occupation.  I’ve always assumed that the Canadian government was just like our Uniparty only more so.  And I guess this is the time when it’ll show its true colors.  The declaration specifies seizing bank accounts, cancelling insurance and revoking business licenses.  These are pretty serious infringements of people’s lives.

I think the Parliament has five days to ratify the declaration.  Will it?  Assuming it does ratify these moves I think this will kill the protests.  The only thing that could turn the situation around would be for the whole trucking industry to call a general strike.  That would shut the country down immediately and probably force the government to accede to the demands in a couple of weeks.  But it seems unlikely that would happen.

So, if the Parliament goes along with Trudeau and the truckers don’t call a general strike the protests will end.  The only question remaining is whether this will sit well with the general population.  Is it possible that even the go by the rules, follow the leader Canadians can become angry enough at their leaders to vote the bums out at the next election?

I tend to doubt it.  They seem even worse than us.  But the possibility remains.  Joe Brandon’s approval rating is under water because Americans have grown tired of incompetence but even more so, they’ve grown tired of the COVID fascism.  They’ve learned to distrust the inconsistent and seemingly useless dictates of Fauci and Biden.  They don’t want to be forced to take medicines that don’t work and might be dangerous.  They don’t want to wear masks that don’t work.  They don’t want to carry identification that says they’re complying with these mandates in order to have lunch at a restaurant or watch a football game or fly on a plane.  Biden knows this now and he’s back-pedaling as fast as his stuttering brain will allow him to go.  By March many of the states will have removed most if not all of the COVID restrictions and the feds will be slightly behind them.  That’s so they can hope to survive the midterms.

I don’t know the schedules of the Canadian election cycle.  Maybe they’ve got years before they come up for reelection.  And I don’t know the details of their Stupid Party.  Maybe they’re even stupider than ours.  But I’m about to find out if there is a beating heart of freedom left in Canada.  If they allow the Truckers’ Rebellion to be chloroformed without a fight and leave Trudeau and his henchmen in charge then that will answer the question perfectly.  That will line up with other areas of the anglosphere like New Zealand and Australia where the COVID fascists have crushed all dissent and exposed the majority of their citizens as the powerless and cowardly lackeys of the gynocracy.  Now granted, Justin Trudeau is nominally a man but if you look at him, he’s girliest of girlie men.  The contrast between him and the type of people making up the Truckers’ Protest couldn’t be starker.  Canada is getting to choose what kind of men represent their nation.  I hope they choose well.


At least one Canadian newspaper (Toronto Sun) is opposed to Trudeau’s fascism.  I’ll call this a sliver of hope.

Pissed Off Canadians

Over at Larry Correia’s site there was a post on the Trucker’s Protest on the Windsor Bridge crossing.  Anyway in the comments a Canadian calling himself “The Phantom” had some very interesting comments about the popularity of the protest with the regular Canadians:

“Second, I live almost 2 hours from Toronto and 6 hours from Ottawa, out in the sticks down by Lake Erie. It is farm country, there’s nothing going on around here. Cows and snowbanks right now. So, the fun part is that every time I leave the house to go to the store or what have you, there are Freedom Convoy signs and Canadian flags on random pickup trucks. People have been lining up hay bales in their fields next to the road and painting them with slogans. Idle tractors sitting in driveways have a Canadian flag tied to a hockey stick flying on them. There was a big John Deere parked at the Tim Horton’s in Cayuga on Hwy 3 the other day with a Freedom Convoy sign and a flag.

It’s not just the truckers now. The government has been pissing off the Normies for two years now, and the dam finally broke. Present situation today is that roughly everything you see on Canadian media is a lie, and the crowds of protesters are the regular Jane and Joe Canadian who are tired of lockdowns, masks and vaccine mandates. They’ve had it, and they’re starting to look at how they want to piss off the government today.”

Maybe the Canadians will make some changes in their government.

Is Canada Getting Red-Pilled?

My exposure to Canadians has been limited.  I had a good friend at a couple of my jobs back in the 90’s and he was intelligent, funny and friendly.  But, as with all Canadians I’ve known, he was noticeably obsessed with following the rules.  I recently worked with a Canadian who was unfriendly, sarcastic and unimaginative but likewise he was a box checker.  He followed the rules as painfully as anyone I’ve ever known.

What are the chances that Canada as a whole, or even a majority of them decide to break the rules?  My guess is, it’s very unlikely.  With the trucker’s protest going on in Ottawa Trudeau has banked on the ingrained obedience of Canadians to allow him to crush the protest without more than a minor amount of resistance.  And even if the truckers put up a good fight and the police have to beat and maybe kill a few good men, the rest of Canada will stand idly by and watch it without as much as a shout of outrage at the injustice.  I think this is what will happen.

But as well behaved as Canadians are, will they be so easily cowed that when it comes time to re-elect their government in 2023 that they will just resignedly push the lever for the government that crushed a peaceful protest?  Are they that spiritless and docile?  My guess is they are not.

Americans have collectively reached their limit of COVID fascism.  Even the true-believers are exhausted and dispirited over continuing the soul crushing exercise that forces people to be inoculated with vaccines that don’t vaccinate and wear masks that don’t protect.  They’re tired of their children missing their childhood while they wear masks while trying to play in the schoolyard and even while playing sports.  By March even that dolt Biden will be forced to end the mandates.  He knows the mandates are killing his presidency and he’s cowardly enough to reverse direction to avoid his approval rating reaching single digits.  Several European countries have already eliminated the COVID restrictions altogether.  It will happen everywhere soon.

So, I’m guessing even the hypercompliant Canadians must be reaching their limit too.  And if in this state of mind, they get to see, on the six o’clock news, the storm troopers in Ottawa hauling hard-working Canadians off to jail I think this will be enough to piss them off.  I think it will be similar to what we saw in Virginia.  Basically, liberals who are pushed too far.  They will toss Trudeau and the Liberals out of power.

I don’t know much about the Canadian Conservative party.  I assume they are much like the spineless Republican establishment; useless.  But it’s always possible that some few men with backbones could seize the opportunity to revolt against the mealy-mouthed hollow suits who follow along with the Liberals.  Maybe this could be their Trump moment when they wake up from the dream and try to take their country back.  Or maybe they’ll just follow the rules and dig their own graves as the rules tell them to.


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