Will the Canadian Parliament Allow the Emergency Declaration?

If any Canadians would like to chime in, I’m curious whether they think Parliament will allow Trudeau to assume dictatorial powers against the “Bouncy Castle” occupation.  I’ve always assumed that the Canadian government was just like our Uniparty only more so.  And I guess this is the time when it’ll show its true colors.  The declaration specifies seizing bank accounts, cancelling insurance and revoking business licenses.  These are pretty serious infringements of people’s lives.

I think the Parliament has five days to ratify the declaration.  Will it?  Assuming it does ratify these moves I think this will kill the protests.  The only thing that could turn the situation around would be for the whole trucking industry to call a general strike.  That would shut the country down immediately and probably force the government to accede to the demands in a couple of weeks.  But it seems unlikely that would happen.

So, if the Parliament goes along with Trudeau and the truckers don’t call a general strike the protests will end.  The only question remaining is whether this will sit well with the general population.  Is it possible that even the go by the rules, follow the leader Canadians can become angry enough at their leaders to vote the bums out at the next election?

I tend to doubt it.  They seem even worse than us.  But the possibility remains.  Joe Brandon’s approval rating is under water because Americans have grown tired of incompetence but even more so, they’ve grown tired of the COVID fascism.  They’ve learned to distrust the inconsistent and seemingly useless dictates of Fauci and Biden.  They don’t want to be forced to take medicines that don’t work and might be dangerous.  They don’t want to wear masks that don’t work.  They don’t want to carry identification that says they’re complying with these mandates in order to have lunch at a restaurant or watch a football game or fly on a plane.  Biden knows this now and he’s back-pedaling as fast as his stuttering brain will allow him to go.  By March many of the states will have removed most if not all of the COVID restrictions and the feds will be slightly behind them.  That’s so they can hope to survive the midterms.

I don’t know the schedules of the Canadian election cycle.  Maybe they’ve got years before they come up for reelection.  And I don’t know the details of their Stupid Party.  Maybe they’re even stupider than ours.  But I’m about to find out if there is a beating heart of freedom left in Canada.  If they allow the Truckers’ Rebellion to be chloroformed without a fight and leave Trudeau and his henchmen in charge then that will answer the question perfectly.  That will line up with other areas of the anglosphere like New Zealand and Australia where the COVID fascists have crushed all dissent and exposed the majority of their citizens as the powerless and cowardly lackeys of the gynocracy.  Now granted, Justin Trudeau is nominally a man but if you look at him, he’s girliest of girlie men.  The contrast between him and the type of people making up the Truckers’ Protest couldn’t be starker.  Canada is getting to choose what kind of men represent their nation.  I hope they choose well.


At least one Canadian newspaper (Toronto Sun) is opposed to Trudeau’s fascism.  I’ll call this a sliver of hope.

The Sorting Process

Nowadays you hear the term binary thrown around more and more.  Famously the sexual deviants and even those who pretend to be sexual deviants for the sake of being trendy declare that their sexuality isn’t binary, meaning neither male nor female.  Apparently, they not only believe in more than two sexes but they think there are infinite gradations of sexes.  And being deviants or idiots or both they spend a lot of time talking about their pronouns and other insanity associated with all this non-binary choice.

But there is a binary phenomenon going on right now and that is the choice we all will have to make in the future.  The choice is to resist the “great reset” or go along with it.  And it is an active choice.  If you do nothing then you get sorted into the group ruled by the progressive elements.  They are on a moving conveyor belt heading into the machine that will grind up all of that protoplasm and spit out the pod people from the back of the machine.  The only choice you have is whether or not to jump off the conveyor and join up with the others rejecting that fate and try to build a different future.

In fact, it will be a series of binary choices because the Left doesn’t take no for an answer.  At every turn there will be another choice where if you do nothing you will be assimilated.  Every facet of life has been weaponized and every facet has a passive default that puts you back on the conveyor belt.

The upside of all this sorting is that anyone who doesn’t end up in the machine has consciously made the decision to resist.  It’s a foregone conclusion that you want to be outside of the collective, outside of the hive.  And of course, there will be some who resist for a good long time and then give up.  Despair and exhaustion will take their tolls.

And even after all this, it will be necessary for the survivors to put together their own organization or fail to organize.  That isn’t a binary operation at least not in the long term because men are naturally contrary and difficult to come to perfect agreement.  Eventually factions will arise.

But in the short term the resistance will form one organization simply because we’ll have to.  The strongest will become the leader and everyone else will find a spot to line up in the hierarchy.  But until an organization is finally assembled, we each have to spend our time avoiding the fate of the cattle who daily advance on the conveyor belt to their fate.  Each day we have to look for choices that we can make to avoid the worst of the poison that the Left throws at us and our children.  And we have to search for political leaders who can represent us and say no to all the madness that the Left has cooked up for us.  Critical Race Theory, slavery reparations, institutionalized voter fraud, sexual mutilation of children, grade school propaganda about race and sex, anti-white discrimination, anti-Christian discrimination, anti-male discrimination and more.

So, this is the sorting process that is going on.  You’re going to have to expend a lot of energy to resist the momentum of the system but as the sorting process continues, you’ll more and more find yourself surrounded by other people who have had to make the same choices you have.  And eventually those will be the only people you’ll find left in the world you will have chosen.