The Twilight Zone – Complete Series Review – Season 1 Episode 24 – Long Live Walter Jameson

Walter Jameson is a history professor in an American college.  He is engaged to Susanna Kittredge, the daughter of another professor in the Chemistry department.  Professor Kittridge suspects that Jameson is older than his alleged age and after researching a Civil War photo of a man that Jameson quoted in his lectures Kittridge discovers that Jameson was the Civil War officer.  Kittridge convinces Jameson to tell his story.  Jameson was an ancient Greek and he feared death so he paid an “alchemist” to give him eternal life.  It worked but over time he realized that seeing his family age and die was a terrible thing.  And the pattern repeated itself over thousands of years.  Kittridge forbids Jameson from marrying his daughter but Susanna defies him and they plan to elope that night.

When Jameson gets home, he is confronted by an old, old woman who was one of his former wives.  She found him through the engagement announcement and is determined to stop him from destroying another woman’s life.  She sees a revolver on his desk and shoots him.  When Kittridge hears the shot, he comes across the street and finds Jameson dying and already aging at an enormously accelerated rate.  When Susanna runs across to the house all that’s left of Jameson is his clothes and dust.

The story of the deathless man is classic.  Even in the 1960s the concept ended up in a Star Trek episode.  This one’s okay.  I’ll call it a B.