The Twilight Zone – Complete Series Review – Season 1 Episode 21 – Mirror Image

Vera Miles is Millicent Barnes a young woman waiting in a bus station.  Her bus is late but when she goes up to the dispatcher to ask when the bus would arrive he criticizes her for repeatedly bothering him about the bus.  Additionally, her suitcase keeps moving back and forth from her possession to the checked in area.  Then she catches sight of herself across the room in a mirror and has a minor breakdown.

A young man named Paul tries to calm her down and agrees to keep her company on her trip but when she looks into the bus, she sees herself sitting on the bus.  She faints and Paul carries her back to the bench.  When she comes to, she tells Paul that she thinks that she has a doppelganger that has crossed over from a parallel dimension and is trying to replace her.  He tries to convince her that there must have been some reasonable explanation for what she saw but she is convinced of her explanation.  Paul calls the police and tells them there is a woman who is having delusions.  He steers her outside and the police pick her up.

But pretty soon Paul sees a man who looks and is dressed just like him.  He chases the doppelganger and we are told that the alternate universe is out there somewhere waiting to displace us.

So this is another episode with people yelling hysterically.  For me that’s a bad sign.  It must be the cold war hysteria thing that made these things popular.  But I didn’t buy into it.  C+