05FEB2021 – photog’s Friday Finds

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Just a few links this week and only one that’s actually political.


Nebraska County GOP Votes to Censure Ben Sasse; State Party to Hold Meeting on His Anti-Trump Votes and Comments
By Debra Heine   (American Greatness)  (I hate Sasse almost as much as I hate Mitt Romney.  Seeing him censured and hopefully primaried does my heart good.)


The Culture

First Steps for Surviving What’s Coming Our Way  By Michael Devon  (American Thinker)  (This is sort of a prepper’s primer on what you might want to have on hand over the course of the Biden reign of terror.  Admittedly this is more of a worst case scenario point of view but there are some interesting items on the list that might make you think.)

TBT: Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony by (The Portly Politico) (Something to get our minds on that’s more pleasant than Washington)