The Twilight Zone – Complete Series Review – Season 5 Episode 21 – Spur of the Moment

Anne Henderson is the young daughter of a well-to-do family who is engaged to be married to an up and coming investment banker Robert.  One morning she goes horseback riding on the family estate and a strange middle-aged woman wearing a black cape and riding outfit on a black horse spies her from the top of the hill and screeches something frantically at Anne and starts galloping madly toward Anne.  Anne flees from her at top speed and barely escapes from the woman who keeps screaming incoherently at her.

When Anne arrives home, she dissolves into tears and chokes out her story as her parents and fiancé try to console her.  When she finishes her story, her father calls the police and assures her the woman will be caught.

Meanwhile someone rings the doorbell and as an altercation is heard with the butler Anne realizes that her former boyfriend David is at the door and demanding to speak to her.  Against the wishes of everyone else she agrees to speak to him.  Her father warns David that he has one minute to conclude his conversation and leave before the police will be summoned.

David begs Anne to break off her engagement to Robert and marry David.  She claims she can’t and when she attempts to run up the stairs David restrains her.  When Robert intervenes, David pushes him away and Mr. Henderson produces a revolver and warns David that he will certainly shoot him if David does not leave immediately.  David leaves.

The scene fades out to the same external location with caped woman in black arriving at the Henderson home.  It’s Anne twenty-five years later.  She is aged, bitter and alcoholic.  Her mother is still living there with Anne and her husband.  Mr. Henderson has passed away.  Anne reviles his memory to her mother blaming him for not forcing her to grow up and learn common sense.  Mrs. Henderson slaps Anne’s face but Anne slaps her right back.  Anne now tells her mother that once again today she has seen her younger self riding on the property and once again she has relived that scene, she remembers from her past but from the point of view of the woman in black.  She is chasing her younger self trying to warn her not to marry her present husband.  And now we meet Anne’s husband.  It’s David (shocking reveal)!  He’s also alcoholic and maudlin.  They’re about to lose the house because of his spendthrift ways.  And they hate each other sincerely.

Next scene we go back twenty-five years again to the night after the events seen.  The Hendersons are giving an engagement party for Robert and Anne.  Anne goes out on the front porch obviously bored with the proceedings.  When Robert comes out to join her, she asks him to go inside and get her a jacket for the cold air.  When he leaves David appears in the distance and calls Anne over.  She runs to him and hugs him.  He begs her to run away and marry him.  She agrees and they run into the night.

Back twenty-five years later Anne jumps back onto her horse and just in case we haven’t had enough she relives the pursuit of her young self again.

Is Rod Serling channeling one of the Bronte sisters?  This story sucks.  None of the characters is likeable or even interesting.  Bah!  C-.