The Twilight Zone – Complete Series Review – Season 1 Episode 17 – The Fever

I’m going to save some of you some time.  This is one of the worst Twilight Zone episodes I’ve seen so far.  And that’s saying a lot because I’m counting the manikin themed ones.

Franklin and Flora Gibbs are in Las Vegas because Flora won a contest to go there.  Franklin is a moralist who abhors gambling.  While dragging his wife away from the slot machines a crazed gambler forces Franklin to pull the lever on a slot machine and Franklin wins about twenty silver dollars.  Pontificating to his wife on how wise he is he tells her he will take the winnings and exit the gambling area never to return.  But as he’s leaving, he hears a voice calling to him.

Late that night he can’t fall asleep because he has an insatiable urge to go down and play the slots.  By morning he has gambled away some enormous sum of his savings and is practically insane from the gambling mania.  Finally, the machine eats his last dollar without giving him the last play so he goes berserk and knocks it over and starts pummeling it.

He’s carried to his room but once up there he hears the slot machine calling to him in a mechanical voice.  Then it appears in the hallway and advances on him in his room.  His wife pleads with him that there is nothing there but Franklin cowers and retreats from this invisible foe and eventually backs through the window and dies on the pavement below.  The last scene is a silver dollar rolling to a stop next to his body.  It was ejected at him by the slot machine which is in the parking lot flashing and beeping away.

It’s as bad as it sounds.  What are we supposed to make of this?  Why would anyone waste the time to watch this?  F.