Will America Get Another Chance?

The post-WWII boom made two generations of Americans remarkably prosperous.  The generation who fought the war and their children lived in a time when America ran the world politically and economically.  The captains of industry were in a position to expand their businesses on a scale never before seen.  American companies dominated the global market in just about every major category of manufacturing.  That expansion employed two generations of Americans in a way that hadn’t been seen before.  Americans came to believe that each generation would be richer and happier than the one before.  Everyone would have a nice home.  Everyone’s kids would go to college.  Everyone would prosper.

Now the 1970s was the first wake-up call.  With an energy crisis and a financial crisis and the first big recession in twenty-five years Americans were worried and confused.  But along came Ronald Reagan and the wonders of deregulation and before you know it “Greed is good” and the good times are rolling again.

But what nobody noticed, or at least no one in the big cities noticed was that corporate America had decided that employing Americans was too expensive and unnecessary.  So slowly but surely, they moved their manufacturing operations off-shore.  They went to Mexico and the Philippines.  They went to Japan, South Korea, China, then Thailand, Vietnam and finally Myanmar.  Anywhere except here.  So, thirty years later the rust belt now looks like a third world nation.  Towns and cities are filled with houses that haven’t been painted in decades.  Main streets are full of abandoned and dilapidated commercial and industrial properties.  In fact, the towns are now empty of young people.  Only the old people are hanging on, living off their social security and the dregs of their savings.

In the big coastal cities, there were still white-collar jobs to be had running these nominally American corporations.  And tech companies provided high paying jobs for IT professionals.  But in the last ten years even these jobs are more and more being off-shored.  The hollowing out of the American work force is almost complete.  There are still jobs at hospitals and government agencies that are tasked with servicing the needs of the human flotsam and jetsam that are still clinging to life in the battered US economy.  There have to be jobs for Democrat voters after all.

So, the second generation after the WWII generation, the Millennials were the first generation to discover that they would be worse off than their parents.  And the next generation after that is acutely aware how bad things are out there.  None of that post war optimism exists.  But what lingers is the sense that Americans have been double crossed.  They’ve been sold out by corporate America but more correctly, they been sold out by the federal government that allowed these corporations to abandon their countrymen to joblessness and poverty.  They allowed the states that they supposedly represented to be picked clean of factories and warehouses and retail businesses.  They were paid off to ignore the dismantling of the industrial base of the United States of America.

Well, it’s already done.  No one will be going to jail for it.  George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton got their cut.  Obama did too.  And George W. Bush sent all those unemployed Midwesterners to Iraq to be blown up by maniacs with road-side IEDs.  That’s ancient history now.

But that sense of being double crossed still lingers among the dispossessed but still living victims.  I guess the only question is will there be any kind of attempt to save what’s left of America’s people?  Donald Trump did something.  He called out the outrageous trade deals that his predecessors inflicted on us.  He boosted energy production and even did something to try and get some jobs brought back here.  So of course, they unleashed COVID and the BLM riots to crash the economy.  Then Dementia Joe applied the coup de grâce.  He shut down the energy industries and unleashed hyperinflation.

Assume that Americans successfully pry the federal elective offices of President and Congress away from the Democrats in 2022 and 2024.  Will the Republicans follow the lead of Trump or his successor to try and force corporate America to reinvest in this country?  Sure, they’ll be busy trying to clean out the Deep State (if they’re interested in anything more than business as usual) but just as important is fixing the economy.  And the only way to do that is to return all those manufacturing jobs.  But will they do it?  If they don’t there won’t be a generation after the one growing up now.  That’s simple arithmetic.  No jobs, no families.

The UN Speech

I just finished watching the entire speech.  I can’t remember the last time I heard an American president speak as honestly and effectively about the world we live in.  Trump blasted North Korea, Iran, Syria, Cuba and Venezuela.  He even threw a jab at the Ukrainian aggression and the South China Sea posturing.  He talked about sovereignty and the right of each country to differ from the cookie cutter requirements of our Globalist Oligarchs.  He talked about the United States’ history in the UN and the sacrifices it has made to aid its neighbors and he also said that he is not going to let the United States be the fall guy any longer.  Not in trade agreements, not in refugee resettlement, and not in UN finances.

It was a magnificent speech.  And of course, it was Donald Trump giving it so there was plenty of self-congratulation.  He started off by announcing that employment and the stock market were both at historic highs and that business was returning to the US in dramatic fashion.  He even took an indirect dig at Obama saying that the Iran deal was a disaster.  It was a lot of fun.

Of course, a UN address is a show piece with no actual effect.  But what it does is set the tone for an American administration’s relationship with the world.  So, when Obama went on his apology tour and bowed to every dictator in the Middle East it set the stage for the Arab Spring and the disaster that hatched.  It let the Iranians know that they could ask for and get whatever they wanted.  Alternatively, when Trump says that a nuclear North Korea that attacks the US or its allies will be totally destroyed this sends a powerful message to the North Koreans and the Chinese.  It also sends a different message to the Japanese and the other allies in the area.

And when President Trump forcefully stated that the welfare of the American people, and the middle-class especially, was his first priority that makes a big impression on the voters.  And on the Congress, that is always thinking toward the next election.  And on big business that gauges a president’s intentions before they commit on strategic business and financial plans.

So even though the speech is just a statement it was exactly the right statement for President Trump to make.  It had the right tone and it hit all the right points, globally and domestically.  Trump is no Reagan.  He is not a great orator.  His speaking style is workmanlike and methodical.  He reminds me of the executive in front of the board of directors.  Maybe that makes it even more effective.  It wasn’t just rhetoric.  There was a message and he even expressed that message explicitly.  He said “America first.”  For that I was truly proud of him.  He didn’t sell us out to make nice with the globalists.  Good for you Mr. President.

If you haven’t listened to it and you have the time and the inclination, listen to the whole thing.  It’s about 45 minutes long.  If you don’t have the time or interest, there are some excerpts.  Even that will give you a flavor of what was said.  Bottom line, Trump did himself and our country some good today.