Guest Contributor – SubVet – COVID Coverup

OCF. I’ve watched Dr. Malone’s and Dr. McCullough’s interviews with Joe Rogan and found both of them very convincing and, despite both of them having gotten the jab, it made me regret getting it. I’ve looked at the VAER’s data (which I knew about from back in the late 90’s after having a severe reaction to a Tetanus shot of all things) and the data isn’t looking good for the jabs. I’ve been digging more and more into this and I think it’s high time for me to start posting/blogging about this on OCF. You might have seen some of the testimony at Sen. Ron Johnson’s rountable with McCullough and Military human rights attorney Thomas Renz. There is a major cover up going on with DoD data. The press love Military whistleblowers like that hack Lt.Col. Vindman as long as they can use these hacks to attempt to destroy President Trump but, when high ranking Military officers come forward to expose what is happening with DoD data on Covid, suddenly they aren’t interested. Give me a covid corner on OCF and your traffic hits will explode. Guaranteed.

Hat Tip to the Conservative Tree House for this Quite Powerful Vaccine Interview

The Conservative Treehouse has teed up the part of this broadcast that includes Neil Oliver interviewing  Dr. Robert Malone who is an expert on the mRNA technology used in the vaccines that are being used for COVID.  It’s a pretty straight forward warning about the inadvisability of children being given these vaccines.  It also describes the problems that these vaccines pose to anyone that isn’t elderly or at high risk from COVID.

It’s only a few minutes for the interview in a much longer broadcast.  I’d recommend everyone watch this.  I was impressed by the background that this scientist brings to the discussion.  Of course it’s possible he’s being overly cautious but it doesn’t sound crazy to me.