Who’s on My Side?

Nowadays there are a thousand labels and each group will tell you that they are the real Americans.  There are the groups on the Left like the Progressives, the Socialists, the Bernie Bros and all the various identity groups that inhabit their alliance, the feminists, the LGBTQ crazies and the racial minorities.  On the Right are a similar mixed group of ideologies, the libertarians, the neo-conservatives, the fiscal conservatives, the establishment conservatives and moving farther right we have the social conservatives, the religious right, the so-called alt-right and the dissident right.  For the last forty years and more I’ve been following politics in this country and I’ve always been two steps behind the real story.  But the last five years have been extremely clarifying.  The unmasking of the establishment conservatives as the controlled opposition has made it much easier to understand why things always got worse.  But at the same time, I’ve never been sold on the whole racialist destiny where everyone will be voting their skin color and ethnicity thing either.  In my experience ethnicity, race and identity group memberships are a pretty poor way of running a society.  In fact, it’s the whole notion of basing policy on racial and sexual victim status that has gotten us into the sorry state we’re in now.  Rather than join into that mess I want it ended.  No more special rules based on race and sex.

Instead what I’ve always used as a gauge for in-group status with me is whether someone had the same goals for his children.  First of all, if somebody doesn’t think marrying a pretty girl and having a family with her is high on his priorities then he won’t be very supportive of the kind of world that I’m interested in inhabiting.  And after that if he isn’t interested in his kids following in the same pattern then he’s not in my camp.  Now granted there are people who are happier single and I’ll allow that they have the right to live their lives the way they want.  But if they don’t at least see the value of having society revolve around the family then they’re definitely not on my side.

Now once you’ve passed those hurdles what comes next is the Bill of Rights.  Your ancestors and mine could have come from the same peasant town in Campania but if you don’t think freedom of speech and the rest of our freedoms are more important than being in good with the local big shot then you’re not on my team.  After that, all I ask is that you don’t expect me to pay your bills.

So that’s how I see the political landscape.  I can probably get along with a spectrum of people who respect the merits of a traditional society.  And to use a word that has been bandied about on a few too many bumper stickers, I can “coexist” with lots of people who don’t believe in the same things I do.  I neither need nor want to convince liberals, libertarians or even establishment conservatives to think the way I do.  What I do need is for them to get out of the way while we dismantle the program, we have been subjected to for the last fifty years that systematically attacks all the things that I see as normal, necessary and fundamental for living a healthy life.  What I can’t coexist with is the radical elements of the left who are leading that attack on normal, wholesome life.  These people are indeed a cancer attacking the good things in America that have up until now given this country it’s strength and character.

So hopefully that helps define where I stand on the political spectrum and who I see as my allies, as neutral parties and my enemies.

Tell me what you think.  Have I identified the situation we live in or have I got it wrong?  I’m honestly interested in your opinions.  Do you think we can put Humpty Dumpty back together again or are we already too far gone?  Leave a comment.


Looking for Good Ideas

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article called, “How Do We Live Our Lives in an Upside-Down World?”  What I said there was that we have to look at the big picture and the little picture at the same time.  So, supporting President Trump and any other leaders who show that they can get the job done is very important.  But just as important is improving your life, your family’s existence and extending out into your circle of friends and acquaintances.  And that’s how this gets to OCF.  You folks out there, the ones who like the content here, are my friends.  I put up content that I think will be entertaining, interesting and maybe even useful to people on our side of the fence.  By the same token I want anyone who comes to the site who has insights and information that I don’t have but could help me do a better job, to pass it along.  I’ll have to figure out a way to keep a wanted list of information I’m looking for.  As a for instance, I have a quote of the day that I’ve been doing for a couple of years.  You’d be surprised how hard it is to find good quotes after you’ve been digging through them for that long.  So, for readers who have favorite authors of quotes, and especially if you’ve been following the quotes for a good long time, I’m looking for more authors to search through.  If you have authors, I haven’t checked please pass them along in a comment.  And in the same way, I’m always looking for movies and books to review both old and new.  If it’s something you’ve always enjoyed or something good you recently discovered pass it along.