Star Trek – The Original Series – Complete Series Review – Season 3 Episode 14 – Whom Gods Destroy

Oy!  Well, we’re back to season three material.  Kirk and Spock bring medicine to an insane asylum under a dome on a planet with a poison atmosphere.  But it turns out that the director is really one of the patients.  A former star ship captain named Captain Garth has shifted shape to look like the director and takes Kirk and Spock captive.  He attempts to get onto the Enterprise by assuming Kirk’s form but he doesn’t know the password that Kirk gave to Scotty before he left the ship.

So, Garth tortures Kirk.  When that doesn’t work, he tries to tempt Kirk with a scantily clad woman that possesses all the characteristics valued by the superficial male.  This woman is played by Yvonne Craig who was Batgirl back in the 1960s.  But Kirk resists.  Then Spock frees Kirk and they contact the Enterprise but this time it’s Spock who is Captain Garth in disguise.  But Kirk figures out the trick and refuses to give the password.  Finally, the real Spock shows up and after a Kirk-on-Kirk hand-to-hand fight he stuns the fake Kirk and ends this boring tale.

Analyzing this feeble tale breaks into three components.  First there is the theatrical value.  This is less than negligible.  Second is the Shatner mockery index.  This is actually quite high.  Between the Kirk facial expressions during the torture and the psychotic breakdown that Garth has while in Kirk’s form there is plenty to enjoy.  The third component let us call miscellaneous effects.  Ms. Craig performs a spirited and sultry dance of lusty debauchery which is at least something.

But rolling all three of these components together still can’t salvage this poor mess.

I’ll call it 4 // 6.