22OCT2020 – Post Debate Note

Well, it wasn’t what I hoped it would be.  First off the moderator wasn’t more than normally biased.  She slanted all the questions of course but there was even some questions that Biden didn’t like.  And President Trump was actually given close to the chance that Biden got to talk.  And President Trump was allowed to say a good deal about Hunter and the Chinese, Russian and Ukrainian deals.  I think on balance President Trump got the best of it.  He did a good job and made his points.  All good stuff.

But it was no fun.  There were no shouting matches or crying moderators.  All just too normal and boring.  Oh well.

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Tyler, the Portly Politico

I think President Trump did exactly what he needed to do—show that he’s not just a bull-in-a-china-shop, and that Biden is a corrupt career politician. He also gave Biden the rope to hang himself with, and to demonstrate his advancing senility. Trump is Lincoln? The Poor Boys?

2 years ago

Trump forcing Biden to state that intends to “transition” from the oil industry was pretty big. Also, he did manage to get Biden’s China corruption out there and forced Biden into an outright lie in his attempt at defense. The Lie being that “54 ex-intelligence officials” state that Hunter’s laptop is Russian disinformation. Wrong, he 54 ex-intelligence types state that the have no evidence that the Russians were involved but that “they were suspicious”. And, need I point out that these selfsame 54 “intelligence officials” are the ones who claimed for 3 years straight that there was irrefutable evidence of… Read more »