Trump vs Manning Up: ( A Hopeful Fantasy)

Location: National Guard base in Louisiana

Secret Service Agent (SSA): Mr. Trump, the motorcade is ready for the trip back to the airport.

Donald Trump (DT): Okay Joseph. I’m just sending a text home. How long should I say it will take us to get back to the airport?

SSA: Three hours sir.

DT: Three hours? That can’t be right. It only took 45 minutes to get here.

SSA: We have to detour around the area we accessed earlier. The National Guard is in there now and we might get stuck behind some major rescue operation or caught in a swamped out road. It may get kind of uncomfortable in there.

DT: Might? May? Come on Joseph, man up! If we’re lucky we’ll save more than two hours and be in New York in time for dinner.

SSA: If you insist sir.

(Fifteen minutes down the road)

DT: Joseph, what’s the delay.

SSA: There’s a convoy at the intersection bringing out some families from the low ground ahead. We’ll be moving in a minute.

DT: Good.

DT: Lotta kids and old people there.

SSA: Yes, sir.

DT: They look beat.

SSA: Yes sir. They’re scared and tired. Alright we’ll be going on now.

DT: Ahh, okay, good.

(Ten minutes later)

DT: Oh my God. Look at those houses. They’re submerged! Is there anyone inside.

SSA: No sir. This is where those people you saw used to live.

DT: Ohh.  Uncomfortable you said.

SSA:  Yes.

Five minutes later.

DT: Joseph, where are they gonna put those people.

SSA: Temporary shelters. Military bases. Actually they’re trying to figure that out now.

DT: Ohh.

Five minutes later.

DT: Joseph.

SSA: Yes, Mr Trump.

DT: Head back to the command base.

SSA: But we’ll be late sir.

DT: I guess I’m already almost too late, Joseph.

SSA: As you said sir, man up.

DT:  Yep.