The Trumpenification of America

So, for months I’ve been observing, thinking and writing about our new president. He’s the biggest and really, the only story there is. He bestrides the modern world like a colossus. Every day he confronts his enemies and whenever they attack him he hits back with remarkable instinct. When the press uses their megaphone to establish a lie he turns it back on them in a tweet that catches them flat-footed. The man is a one-man media machine that makes the news and covers it all at once.
Whether he will conquer the forces arrayed against him or be defeated is perhaps the single most important question in America since the outcome of the Civil War. That sounds like an insane thesis but I think it’s completely true. The direction of American life has been deflected by Marxism since the 1930s. Every institution and group has been attacked from without and infiltrated from within to such an extent that America has become almost unrecognizable. It has finally reached a state where only a few small steps will make reversing the trend virtually impossible. But along comes this crazy man. He seems like a clown and a lout. He brags and struts and rains insults down on the most important politicians and bureaucrats like he and they were fifth graders in a digital school yard. And it seems impossible because the American Public has never put up with this sort of behavior (from a republican anyway). But they do! In fact, the more outrageous the behavior, the more popular he becomes. And the story progressed and what everybody realized (even if some wouldn’t admit it) was that he was tolerated because he was the only one willing to admit the truth and agree to solve the problems that most people really cared about. He talked about illegal immigration, crime and attacks against free speech and gun rights and the exportation of all American jobs to China and Mexico. So they choose him against !JEB! and Marco and Ted and Kasich and everybody else and they even come out in blue states like PA and MI. And they beat the Clintons and make him president.
And now against all odds he’s keeping his word. And this has stirred up the press and the democrats and the Obama and Bush bureaucrats and they’re gunning for him with every smear and dirty trick imaginable. So far, he’s been able to fight them to at least a draw and maybe even a little better. But the pressure is growing and the press is getting even more outrageous. And never forget how weak and untrustworthy the republican congress really is. If they decide that Trump is weakened they’ll drop him like a hot potato. So what can you do? Be ready to show your support with messages to your congressmen and senators. Send letters to the editors of your local newspaper. Voice your opinion and support Trump in any way you can. He’s risking everything he’s got for you, because, let’s face it, if he goes down they’re going to destroy him every way they can. The least you can do is show support. Show some spunk. If America was a little more Trumpified maybe the lefties wouldn’t be as bold as they are now. Maybe if ten million of us marched on Washington we could make an impression. But just realize that trying to get along with the left is not a solution. It’s the reason for this problem we’re already in.
Which way will it go? Who knows. But the important thing to remember is that it can be done. Never accept another McCain or Romney or Bush for your representative. If it’s a weak loser you might as well elect a real communist. You’ll get the same result without the confusion and disappointment. And one other thing. If Trump loses, the time will come soon when you’ll either have to fight for your rights or admit you’re a slave. And if you choose the latter that’ll be the last thing you’ll ever get to choose.