Music to My Ears

This was the title to one of the Trump Administration stories on , “Mulvaney: We’re Not Spending Money On Climate Change Anymore, “Waste Of Your Money.”” The Mulvaney in question is John “Mick” Mulvaney, the guy in charge of the OMB. This is him answering questions at a press briefing about the budget cuts the president is proposing.
You’ve got to listen to this. If you’re a thinking human being living in the US who has suffered for the last eight years under the cognitive dissonance that was the Obama Administration then this will be like the sound of angel’s wings presaging the wrath of the Lord descending upon the fallen ones. On the one hand, Mulvaney points to cuts in the science budget via consolidation of agencies and trimming back mission creep as reasonable adjustments to useful research pursuits. On the other hand, he describes completely eliminating climate change research as getting rid of something that is just a waste of money. I think a tear may have come into my eye but I’m sure it was just hay fever.
Alright, so now you can see all the promise of this administration coming to fruition before our astonished eyes. No longer begging for a crumb back from the loaf that is stolen from you, he’s slapping the ill-gotten gains out of the mouth of the leeches who’ve been sucking our blood for generations. Can you imagine if the universities have to support the legion of “climate scientists” without government grants gushing in to support them? I can’t! Where do unemployed climate scientists go? Starbucks, Amway, Uber? Can you imagine thousands of Priuses roaming the streets trying to pay back those PhD tuition costs?
Yesterday I mentioned Terence Kealey’s book, “The Economic Laws of Scientific Research.” I plan to go into detail about the concept of completely replacing government funding of civilian R&D with corporate tax cuts for research. But here I’ll just say that any and all reductions in science funding will be a good start. But with respect to funding cultural and social missions (NEA, PBS, NPR, etc.) shutting down these operations should be considered a force multiplier opportunity. The aggrieved liberals plead that none of these budget items is even close to a billion dollars. Why cause such pain for such small amounts of savings? The reason I see is that we will be hurting the enemies of all the things we believe in. Putting the squeeze on these people will decrease the damage being done by them. Preventing damage is always cheaper than having to repair it. It should be the primary mission to remove these leeches from the body politic.
So Mick Mulvaney, you have officially entered the pantheon of Trump Administration heroes who brought a smile to my face and song to my heart. The only thing left for him to do is remove all air conditioning from the EPA offices to help them live up to their beliefs.