Finding an Actual Conservative Talk Show on PBS? As Likely As Getting Sense Out of Nancy Pelosi

I saw this “news item” on Drudge “PBS-launching-new-conservative-political-talk-show” so I clicked on it. I should have known better.  They claim this new show called “In Principle” will take its cue from Buckley’s “Firing Line.”  I think it’s more likely to be a PBS version of Morning Joe.  Michael Gerson is a house conservative over at the Washington Post and a NeverTrumper.  His co-host Amy Holmes has spent some time at MSNBC so I’m sure she will be a tower of conservative rigor.  This should be good for me.  I’m tired of making fun of Morning Shmoe and Lycra Spandexy.  This will be fresh meat for the lions.

Here’s the link but I already took the bullet for you so feel free to leave the Seattle Times alone.


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