16JUL2018 – Photo of the Day

A few nights ago Camera Girl rushed breathlessly back from her hound walking routine to inform me that a big moth was sitting on a fence.  Discovering it to be a Polyphemus Moth and being a big fan of all the Giant Silkworm Moths I captured her and took some photos before releasing her to go about her very important procreational business.  Well done Camera Girl, well done.


Polyphemus Moth, Antheraea polyphemus; Sony A7 III with Minolta 200mm, f\4 Macro Lens
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3 years ago

Looks like a cousin to a Lunar Moth.
Its colors for camouflage in high mountain desert?
Here in WV there’s this really cool moth looks like a humming bird. Even a kind of beak with a long tongue, they hover and fly flower to flower like its bird analog