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4 years ago

Change Government for the Marxists. There’s nothing more dangerous to cultural Marxists than a Man who is a rugged individualist. Except a Republic of such self determining Men. Except a plurality of such Men with a rifle in one hand and the essential scriptures in the other. And a whole lot of boolits. I think there is no other characteristic of our White Christian Western Culture the human extinction movement of Marxists have tried too stamp out than we Men who embrace our rugged individualism as our humble badge of honor and prudence. Emasculation of men in general is an… Read more »

4 years ago

“Emasculated men do not rise up in resistance and certainly do not use never mind understand the primal right to self defence employing a rifle as a means to finalize that freedom with dead certainty.” +1

I qualified Expert in the USMC and have been in many 100’s of rifle competitions over the past several decades + I’ve always made my own ammunition. That’s not unusual among rifle competitors, virtually all of us do.