Trump vs the Silly Season

Dramatis Personae: President Trump – (PT); Vice President Pence

Scene 1- 8am White House West Wing; Oval Office


PT – Mike.  Mike.  PENCE!!!!  Where the hell are you?

VPP – Right here Mr. President.

PT – Mike, I can’t take it anymore.  That rat Cohen talking to Mueller is the end.  I’ve got to pull the plug on that stiff.

VPP – Mr. President, that could be a disaster for the mid-terms.

PT – I don’t care.  I’ve had it with this nonsense.  Once I fire Mueller I’ll have him indicted six ways to Sunday for all kinds of crap we’ve already got on him and then I’ll be able to get going on important stuff like that bill to move the UN from New York to Newark.  It’s such a subtle difference in pronunciation that no one will notice until the carjackings start piling up.

VPP – But Jeff Sessions said he’d resign if you fire Mueller.

PT -Who cares?  He’s utterly useless.  I had to order him to discontinue Comey’s phone plan four times before he finally got around to it.  Besides I’ve got a great new Attorney General lined up already.  And he’s between gigs so we’ll get him cheap.  Steven Seagal.

VPP – But Mr. President, isn’t Steven Seagal under investigation for rape?

PT – He’s assured me that it’s fake news.  Besides he was a sheriff down in Texas so he knows about the law.  With him as the AG we’ll finally start cleaning out the swamp.  We’ve discussed what kind of prosecutions we can get against CNN reporters who try to ask questions without being picked by me to speak.  He figures that a ten-year sentence would be fair.

VPP – Wait, no!  You can’t do that.  Freedom of the Press is in the Bill of Rights.

PT – This has nothing to do with Freedom of the Press.  It’s about jumping ahead in a line.  No one likes a line jumper.  The American people hate a line jumper and they will applaud the punishing of line jumpers.  I’m hoping I can get that worm Jim Acosta to talk out of turn.  Seagal says he’ll personally make the arrest by body slamming Acosta to the ground and tossing him out of the ring, I mean the Press Briefing Room.

VPP – Mr. President, please trust me, there is no court in the country that would even consider prosecuting reporters for shouting out a question out of turn at a press conference.

PT – Mike that’s just the kind of defeatist thing that JEB! or Romney would say.  Now Seagal is due here in a couple of hours so be ready to brainstorm with us.

VPP – But I’m sure he’s about to be indicted.

PT – Fine.  I’ll just pardon him and we can move on.  Now we’re gonna want to decide whether to just fire the whole FBI or also terminate all those alphabet soup agencies, you know, the CIA, the NSA, blah, blah, blah.  You know clear out all those losers.

VPP – Mr. President, that’s impossible.  Those agencies are critical parts of the law enforcement and security apparatus.

PT – Mike, you sound a little hysterical.  I think you should take a few weeks off and see if this job is for you.  If you’re not up to the challenge I hear that Chuck Norris is between gigs, except for that infomercial for the exercise machine with Christy Brinkley and those other old losers.  We could probably get him cheap and he could help Seagal drag Acosta down to the lock-up.  I figure they could even rough him up a good bit before handing him over to the police.  Acosta has said some pretty mean things about me in the past.  It would serve him right if they tuned him up a little bit.

VPP – Sir, this is insane.

PT – Look Mike I’m bored.  Something’s got to give.  Either you figure out how to end this Mueller thing right away or I’m bringing in Seagal.

VPP – Very well, Mr. President.  Fire Mueller and accept Jeff Sessions’ resignation.  I guess we can trust to your luck to get us through the ensuing Impeachment Trial.

PT – That’s the spirit Mike.  After all Bill Clinton was impeached and it didn’t stop him did it?

VPP – Wow.  That’s a stunning sentiment.

PT – Cheer up Mike.  If worst comes to worst you’ll be President.  That won’t be so bad will it?

VPP – Actually Mr. President, after serving with you for the last year or so, I’m not sure I want to be President anymore.

PT – Suit yourself.  If Norris isn’t available there’s always Dolph Lundgren.  I hear he’s between gigs and we could probably get him cheap.  Oh wait he’s a russky that wouldn’t look good.

VPP – Actually he’s Swedish.  He just played a Russian in Rocky IV.

PT – Whatever.  Now get me Sly Stallone on the phone.  I hear he’s between gigs and we could get him to be FBI Director for almost nothing.

VPP – Oy vey.

8 thoughts on “Trump vs the Silly Season

    • August 1, 2018 at 8:45 am

      Hey Tom:
      Yes I read it yesterday. I always like Hanson’s take. But you and I are already there. We want the next step. This is already war. Maybe Trump is waiting for the mid-terms but it’s past time to fire Mueller, Rosenstein and all the other swamp creatures. All of them. At least that way we’ll save a few bucks and make Trump’s job easier.

    • August 1, 2018 at 12:44 pm

      Currently the only one fighting for our side is President Trump and some internet trolls. If Trump gets defeated by the Deep State we’ll find out if there are any other fighters on our side. If not we’re done.

  • August 2, 2018 at 10:59 am

    Mr. Trump could really pull serious mind job, appoint Sarah Palin as AG, and AZ Sherrif Arapaho as Director of the FBI.

    Then again, just declare Martial Law. It would be the most appropriate practical and effective act The God Emperor could do. Seriously, dissolves the 3 branches, you trash radical judicial activism. Trump becomes the law of the land. The USC is only useful for the traitors and crooks to run to hide begin when it suits them. He can use the Military to build and guard the law, track down and dump the illegal invaders over the wall so they can’t get back, take all the ones in prison dump them over the wall too. Add a few of the more odious open borders fanatics and globalizt too.
    We are heading for a civil war anyways, why not get the jump on the neo-bolsheviks.
    Most of us out here in dirt people land aren’t a bother, and just want to be left alone, so there’s no need for anything but a token Martial Law presence to keep some of the more slimy swamp critters from attempting to run some greasy tin pot county dicktator shit.
    It certainly provides the means to bypass the leftists, isolate them, let them either on the vine. They wont have the 5th column media resources, they can’t assemble and a curfew helps to limit their standard operating procedures.
    The possibilities are limitless.
    The deep state and its factions along with the crooks and traitors of the swamp have essentially shut down Republican form of government, weaponized all the alpha it agencies and turned them towards us dirt people. Martial Law under Trump would be an improvement if anything if your one of the dirt people.
    Think of the house cleaning could be accomplished.
    Hey! Maybe we can petition Mr. Trump to be president for life then.

    • August 2, 2018 at 11:09 am

      I’d settle for President Trump firing Mueller and setting up another Special Counsel to clean out the FBI and the rest of the alphabet soup agencies. It’s long overdue.

      • August 2, 2018 at 3:33 pm

        Probably won’t be enough. Seeing how corrupted it all is, it only provides a temporary reprieve.
        How about this:
        Trump declares Martial Law
        Disbands the Congress, Federal Judicial, and eliminates all the executive agencies.
        Keep the Navy and make the Marines his personal guard.
        Split up the Army, making it a fully reserve branch, essentially The Militia.
        Each State once again becomes sovereign, on the model of the pre constitution compact of confederation.
        Abolish the Federal deserve which is neither, along with its instruments of tribute, the IRS, BATF, and Secret Service.
        Each state adheres to a gold standard, specie of exact backing value, gold, other metals, morphine, expensive rare commodities. And or use silver/gold coins and paper certificates.
        Each small nation state has its own constitution, a treaty of mutual aid, mutual assistance in military matters, open trade across State borders, no attainders of writ.
        What’s left of the old Federal system becomes arbitrator, protects the Confederacies’ international borders, protects trade, commerce, fishing, extraction of natural resources on the open sea within the 250 mile limit, along with open communication lines and seaways.
        On land, it maintains security on the land borders, with a ready small land army, of a efficient size and structure, suitable for its purposes in time of peace, organized to rapidly organize into a larger series of military structures incorporating the individual reserve/active Confederation militia’s.
        A super State’s delegate system, which elects the leader of the Compacts Federal system mentions above.
        Changes to the Federal organization requires a Confederation constitutional convention of a super majority, where the precincts vote for any or no change first, that are absolute peoples mandates, each States legislature must put forth in whole, no revision, no rider, no add ons. Exactly as voted for, or not by the electorate.
        There’s many aspects and complicated details, very important, but they must be worked out once the concept is created, by its peoples will and mandate. The Federal organization has no powers to make or take away any laws or regulations. It is subservient, the the precinct system, in whole to the people of the compact of nation states.
        It would be bed probably, that each state could incorporate the same limits at the state level, where the states legislatures can not make laws separately, all such acts must go thru a referendum vote by its people.

        The pretty sharp fellow named Montenesque put forth his theory pre conspiracy in Philadelphia, ( aka the presentation of the USConstitution, when in actuality, the Confederation had sent its representatives to Philly in order to work out some important issues and modifications in their Compact of 13 individual Nation States, along with a small, subservient central but not centralized, federal organization for the mutual benefit of the Confederation, that each State could not adequately address as individual nations of a compact.
        Much to their surprise and some, horror, the very thing they had bled and died to get away from, was this instrument of administrative centralized tyranny, called the US Constitution. The fact in our highly revised history, that not a single State had anything to do with creation of such a system of centralized power and its governing document, came as a mind blowing surprise. As Patrick Henry so sublimely put it: “I smell a Rat”, and that guy was probably the most astute force of Liberty ever known, totally indomitable, a man of letters who made Jefferson look like a fool, and did so on many occasions in their time in Virginia’s pre constitution history.
        As Gary North in his incredible outlier Conspiracy in Philadelphia pointed out, not only did they introduce centralism when everyone gathered to insure Liberty, they wrote scripture, not only out as a prerequisite of holding office, they wrote scripture totally out of the USC, Thu signing the fate of the Patriots to the under handed cunning tyranny in disguise of the loyalists in drag and their Fabien masters who vowed a generation long march to destroy this upstart Confederacy of Deplorable’s, Christian Crusaders of The Western hemisphere. For how dare they revolt and defy the deep state of the time, called the Hudson Bay Trading Company, a branch of the British world empire spanning corporate crony trade organization of the English Crown.
        Those Tories have been a pain in the ass ever since. They be on the busybody Marxian statist Yankeedom which later became known as Lincoln and his Marxists, who Carl Marx so greatly admired and influenced his grew revolution and the ideology which has genocided hundreds of millions, and is attempting a Kill The Kulak redux on the remaining dirt people who are the present day descendents of that first great leap and revolt and defiance, White, Christian, Men of The West, once and for all.)

        If the leftists can do what they are doing, than by reason anything is doable, because in the least equation, in times of extremes such as what’s heading down the pike at us, it isn’t only the worst that is brought forth of us, it is also the best in us that shows itself. And if we are indeed the God blessed people of Liberty as it is suggested, that we are born into Liberty, it is bred in our bones, and runs in our blood, as I know it is in mine and many I know and love, such a scenario is not only possible, but that thru reason, history, science, religion, tradition, tribal knowledge, it is inevitable. We did it once against all odds. I think greater odds then we face now, far greater chance of failure then, then today.
        We would have to be exterminated to the last man to kill liberty.
        I think that right there is the Marxian dilemma, they can’t put the Genie back in the bottle, so they are going to destroy everything, the mother of all spite and diabolical envy.
        Just take everything with you, screw the destruction of everything it requires, nothing is sacred, but at the least I get my way and deny you your ways. That’s why I call it the Human Extinction Movement. If I squint my eyes and look out into the future landscape, that’s what they seem to be attempting. Trumps accendence as the god emperor, and our timely color revolution, which usurped the usurpers usurpations, essential took a wrecking ball to the wall that held the Overton Window. Now all they got is nuthin’. Big fat Zero. They offer nothing. And the fig leaf of agitprop and narrative covering their agenda, the whole ideology, has declared to its sycophants and useful dupes, free for all time, nothing is too extreme, its an elixir perfect to intoxicate the hive minds, its irresistible, this freedom of utter anarchy, anything goes, it is a self feeding logarithmic self perpetuating power, that scales up as each previous abandonment of civilization as we know it needs the next fix as the previous rush fades, where the next violation of civil society is even a stronger rush. You can see its diminishing return, this hive collective has to commit ever greater egregious sins and crimes. Right now its screwing up its insanity to reach the stage of armed violent genocide, there’s not much cultural genocide left to destroy worth the effort, its when the rifles and pistols instead of sticks and bags of feces stage is reached that the hive is aspiring to. To them, its their Ragnorak moment, the end of gods and all things. I think they truly believe their crusade is totally omnipotent, their ideology, or cargo cult, whatever it is, prevails, either in triumph or taking everything with them if not, which is still a win to them. These are the final days, stages, of whirling dervishes’, they are winding up their savagery, in a ritual of mindless destruction. Antifa is the visible trigger, the fake media the setters of appropriate mindset. Diversity is the warm up to armed destruction.
        I could have it all wrong, but I’m dead certain the Las three summers have been laying the ground work for the violent armed stage. Its circular history, the Amerikan Neo-Bolsheviks are following the stages of agitprop and pogrom against the Russian Kulak class.
        The similarities are glaring, the stages only different in place time and object peoples to be liquidated.
        On the other side of the equation is the Deplorable’s, who ZMan originally and brilliantly coined as the dirt people. These are the Kulaks who are to be villianized, pogramed, liquidated. A prerequisite to the success of the long march. There are a couple of paramount differences here. The dirt people are heavily armed. They enjoy widespread popularity and critical sources of solid resources. Most know exactly what they are about. A unique demographic, where rugged individualism, self sufficiency and determination is natural, its lived in day to day life, where the rituals of long held traditions and faith abide, are respected as quality of person and character of family tribe and small local local community. These are strengths, things that are part and parcel of life, its where people are connected to the earth below them. It feeds many directly, its life itself, its bounty a ritual deeply appreciated.
        Not for nothing, I’m of these dirt people. I live thusly, I’m connected to the land I own, and in helping as others help me, in perpetuating this ritual and ways of life. A demographic that if the SHTF many will hardly notice, simply adapt and thrive.
        I see my people, my family, the tribe we make in a rural remote mountain community as anti-fragile, where the welfare of family neighbor and friend is your welfare, where you help everyone who can help themselves because that’s how it works.
        We had an epic flood couple years back. Before FEMA even showed up, everyone had contributed or organized every sort of help and charity. Farmers took hundreds of pigs and beefs to the local meat cutters, donated the pork and burger to the local churches and volunteer fire dept charity functions. Mountains of clothes, furniture, cookware, diapers, canned goods, pallets of drinking water, generators, vehicles, you name it. There was no government, or NGO’s. Simply neighbor helping neighbor.
        I see this, participate in it. Its down without conditions or stipulation. Plain old fashion charity and simple goodwill.
        I see and live it. On large scale, and little. And I think, these Neo-Bolsheviks are bragging how they will kill us “White People”, how we are worthless racists, whatever that means, Nazis, racial supremecists, on and on, blah blah blah.
        It actually is a joke to us in flyover nation. Barely worth more than comment or two. The common shared outlook, they are going to come out here, in these mountains, and kill us? In our back yards. Take everything we love?
        Its so natural, the community spirit mentioned above, unspoken is the truth they will end up buzzard and coyote food, before they get close to our wives kids and friends.
        The contrasts are glaring. They all are making war on each other in the cities. Its a joke to watch and hear about. Like an alien planet in another solar system. That as Men and our Women, we do take serious matters into our hands without hesitation, absent and on occasion with the discreet blessing of the law, county Sheriffs, we solve our problems directly, after all it is our community, for thick or thin, we all watch out for each other in no uncertain terms, the crux of it is adapted naturally to deal with a threat such as we are told daily we are and are to be eliminated.

        Back to FEMA, when they showed up a week or so after, they became billegerant and hateful, claimed unlimited authority, scorned us for our unorganized charity, condemned hundreds of 30 yard dumpsters of food clothing and other donated goods, threw it all away, because it didn’t have the blessing of their superior authority, in other words it was tainted by our self sufficiency and goodwill. Further, FEMA condemned all sorts of homes, and if you refused to accept a morsel of the value of peoples condemned homes, you got nothing and proceeded to demolish your home. Van you imagine, that being done to you? No choice in an offer you can’t refuse or come out unscathed by such totalitarian diktat. They literally without any due process, took your property and home. Didn’t take a full day the hill billy grapevine went mountain viral, and people stood out near the road with a rifle or shotgun and told FEMA agents to get lost. To me at least, along with creating welfare people, it is Genocide in full living color. And no doubts the Obama regime set the rules and diktat FEMA employed.
        Everyone understands what’s going down in these mountains and hollows.

        I hope you dont mind me ranting, your observation are exquisite, and most relative to the present, they get me thinking and off my brain goes.
        I’m the kind of Man who takes threats to mine and my culture, my country dead nuts serious. I’ve thought long, search much in attempt to put rational thinking and reason to use. As a BoyScout, always be prepared includes everything. As a member of my tribe, its my duty to take on understanding the nuts and bolts of these dynamic times we are in. Writing these long screeds are therapeutic, maybe cathartic, or a gestalt maybe. I’m not sure exactly, but I appreciate you for a forum. And most interesting things on your blog. Just bringing back memories of that time of Hitchcock’s masterpiece theater. Of family long past and most loved who shared these things with that little boy just old enough to grasp the spirit of those moments.
        That’s valuable past any material treasure.

        • August 2, 2018 at 7:14 pm

          Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad some of the posts resonate. As I’ve said, I want folks to have their say here so feel free to speak your mind.

          As for me, I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself. I want Trump to keep moving the goalposts in our direction. If he keeps winning I think we’ll have breathing room to fix some of this nonsense. If they manage to remove Trump then it’s going to have to be drastic measures or we’re done.

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