28NOV2018 – My Take on Things

Here’s a quick review of where everything stands.  The President comes out of the mid-terms losing the possibility of getting things easily through the Congress because of the Democrat capture of the House.  But he gains a reliable Senate majority for appointments to the Supreme Court Bench and the Cabinet.  Having disposed of Jeff Sessions and seeing the Mueller investigation blind-sided by a Manafort defection on his plea bargain it looks like the President is maneuvering to a place where he can deal with Mueller.  His temporary appointment of Matthew Whitaker as Attorney General is angering the Progressives so it must be a good move.  The strong stand the President is taking at the southern border is the right move and I hope he holds firm on that front.  It will win him support and help make clear that a wall at the border is a necessity.  It might even force the Democrats in the House to support funding out of fear of losing re-election in 2020.

The economy continues to move forward and unless you have all your money in the stock market (which is finally seeing a long overdue correction) this will be a very Merry Christmas.

The bad publicity and federal investigations examining anti-conservative deplatforming in the social media and on-line circles hasn’t materially helped our side very much yet.  But the comments by the President and other government leaders have had some effect on Silicon Valley and if there is more than just threat associated with this talk maybe we can see some pushback.  It would be nice if paypal and the other fund transfer vendors are slapped down and forced to play nice.

And finally, the continuing awakening of Americans to the reality of the assault on their way of life and even their identity is moving apace and is having a powerful effect on attitudes and actions.  Many people have gone from mindlessly following the proclamations of the left-wing media to seeing for themselves who is on their side and who is selling them out to the progressives.  This doesn’t involve the Millenials unfortunately, they are pretty much hopelessly in thrall to the Narrative and will continue to be the most loyal proponents of the Progressive path.  But I think it’s apparent that older folk will have to help steer the next generation (Gen Z?) into a better mode of thinking.  That is something I have thinking about myself.  Hopefully other are too.

All in all, we go into December in a better place than we were last year and with a clear path to improving things on all fronts.  It still remains for President Trump to resolve the Mueller situation.  But he seems much better suited than I to decide how that should be done.  And he needs to get his Justice Department working on bringing relief to all of us suffering at the hands of Progressive tech barons and lower court judges who attack conservatives whenever they can.  And I think he will.  So, paint me optimistic and here we are at the quick sprint to Christmas and New Year.  Ho, ho, ho.

11 thoughts on “28NOV2018 – My Take on Things

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  • November 29, 2018 at 3:58 am

    I can live with all that. Pretty sound take all around.

    Nobody has seen Trump yet on the national scene at his best comeuppance for those who try to play dirty politics with him. The left better tread carefully, they are all front of the bus and everything right now talking smack how they are gonna use the house as their private muck racking machine. They are dumber than a box of rocks, don’t remember, as POTUS he gets to see shit about anyone nobody else does. And he has all those yet to be released papers. Wanna take bets how much of the left and the never Trumpers where wholly invested in the palace coup, just like they all thought the murdering Vag was a shoe in guaranteed by margin of vote fraud to be the next leftist usurper in chief?
    Look at all who have messed with Trump. Where are they now? All gone. Between sudden unexplained early retirements and bagged for a litany of corruption and felony crimes. They all end up hung by their own petards for corruption or other crimes.
    And its all genuine stuff they are caught out on they where involved in.
    Acosta is probably toast, he just don’t know it yet. Stormy Daniels is in financial trouble. She blew through all that gofundme money and her 7500 per night shows during the few weeks she was on center stage. She don’t have the $375 grand to pay for Trump’s legal expenses. The list is illustrious and delicious of whose who who are no more who messed with the Donald.

    Trump learned a lot about extortion racketeering and the embedded corruption of NYC. He did remarkably well while avoiding being a part of that swamp. Now he is ready for primetime swamp monkey tricks. The guy decides to go real feral outsider on the swamp creatures it won’t need draining. It will be a graveyard.
    I believe he has barely shown his hand, and when he gets pissed off shits going to get serious. A hi IQ brilliant businessman like Trump never gets into anything unless he knows everything in advance including who and what his enemies are.
    They never seen anything like this guy. We, you and me, haven’t.
    Your Take, is foundation-ally positive. No apathetic resistance is futile the sky is falling Murica! is toast crap. I’ll wager its more positive than you or I can say. We are about to be witnesses to politics being “Trumped”. I didn’t call Trump The great F#%k Y$o for nothing. He’s on a mission. All that moral boosting across the country, huge crowds, amazing schedule, his stage presence, it aint acting or politics, its real shit, and he’s barely expressing whats really in his head and heart. Great man he is. Great American. Saying the best is yet to come. If he Wins in 2020, the left is toast. Its already toast because its self destructive. Trump runs out the clock on the various schemes the left’s staged to become the ruling political party. Aside from possible neo-bolshevik violent fomentation of an amerikan oktober revolution like kill the American White Kulak, which aint happening till they get the guns, which aint happening at all, the left has nothing. And nothing to offer. It never really did. Only a 5th column media to create the illusions of legitimacy. There’s no strength in depth to the left. It has no political reserve they can send to keep from being rolled up their flanks. Its blowing its wad now with corporate crony collusion. Those red diaper baby media billionaires are a bottomless well of federal funding the money laundering racket of the weaponized federal regulatory agency’s where for decades Trump has shut down. Soros is coming under attack now from multiple directions. The old guard Leftists are being usurped by radical elements from inside. They are coming apart along ideological seams. Senator Shit for brains all but cried Polosi squeaked by the wrinkles of her botox Wed. They are bleeding electorate, hemoraging electorate. The Clintons are talking to empty theaters in Canada. Canada!? What are they doing in Canada looking for campaign money? I thought Hillary won the popular vote and is the legitimate president? Canada? Whats wrong with that picture? Aside from their CGI down 90% in donations?

    Bad as the leftists are, theres a threshold of withdrawal of consent for the left. They cross it game over. They had to cheat commit open massive vote fraud, use every gerrymander trick in the book, otherwise they would not have gained enough seats, which they didn’t, they are stolen, not honestly won and everyone knows it.
    remember we where commenting before the mid terms, saying Trump holds both houses?
    It would not surprise me mysteriously the house looses a number of seats in the next year from a myriad of causes and in special elections they loose.
    with all the felonies and vote rigging went on, they are vulnerable in ways they could not imagine pre Trumpian America. To commit such blatant unrestricted vote fraud they had to short cut and commit very traceable crimes. Once a certain number of underlings are in the bag, Democrat House Reps start falling. And not only for vote fraud. They opened themselves to all sorts of crime discovery. From bribes, campaign finance violation, to money laundering. RICO standard stuff. After all the swamp is an organized crime syndicate.
    The whole construct is vulnerable. Couple pushes here and there roll on order effects happen. The law of unintended consequences catch up to all crooks. Its inevitable. I can’t wait for the show to start.

    • November 29, 2018 at 8:37 am

      The southern border may be their undoing. If the violence there shocks the normies, they may force the Democrats to either fund a wall or be voted out of the House. If they scare the women into voting for security we’ll get the Wall and a lot more. But it has to be handled very carefully. Trump seems good at this stuff. He’s a good salesman.

      • November 29, 2018 at 11:26 am

        Indeed. Art of The Deal. A very salient point right there, now that you brought it up. Its certainly war of winning hearts and minds, and Trump has the market cornered.
        He offers something. Tangible things. He’s a happy warrior. He treat dirt people with dignity, the true only equality which exists. Merit. Its not rocket science. If your not hive collective NPC or consumed with Trump derangement syndrome, its not difficult to find value in what he has accomplished.
        Definitely his use of social media and owing the news cycles he has full control to deliver his messages by his rules on his turf. There’s not much better to be had in messaging and ideas.
        The legacy media is caught in its own web can’t live with him can’t live without him.
        Though there’s that simmering question if or when they attempt to outright ban the President of The United States. Does overriding need to stop the message trump the blowback doing so?
        It has struck me he has played that very well. Maybe the lack of rhetoric, or rhetoric based in reality which is attainable goals, you know, truth has no agenda, which Trump plays very well, honesty is the best policy, proactive stance always, never getting baited, these things are very difficult to conflate into right wing radical pejorative for setting up shutting Trump down. Thats echo chamber, or NPC hive chamber koolaid.

  • November 29, 2018 at 12:13 pm

    I was wrong about Nancy Palsi, she won speaker by like 92%, had it transposed.
    Doubling down is a feature of the leftists. What is it about the botox skank of the left coast elites that is attractive to them. Got to be some Hvy Dty corruption.

    • November 29, 2018 at 12:24 pm

      I’ve read that she is a prodigious fund raiser for Dems. So the simplest idea is follow the money. Makes sense. A lot of these folks are just simple crooks.

        • November 29, 2018 at 12:36 pm

          Wouldn’t that be hilarious? The chaos that would ensue if she is defeated would be wonderful. Plus compared to the people who want to replace her she is a moderate if you can believe that. If the real psychos start running the House it will make our work in 2020 even easier.

          • November 29, 2018 at 12:56 pm

            Moar! They are hoping to turn it into the brown virtue signaling/reparations pig trough from the looks of the ascendent crop of third world shithole marxists who displaced the old red diaper babies in November who are long in the tooth and big on the offshore bank accounts.

            Once the Normies get a good local look at what they been ignoring, some interesting dynamics from that newly awoke demographic is going re-elect the God Emperor.
            But then again, nothings awoke them yet. Maybe all’s gonna wake up has, the rest will when the death squads come knocking at 3am for them. Somebody with white skin has to play the Kulaks.

          • November 29, 2018 at 1:53 pm

            Well, it may be too late, but we have to play the cards we’re dealt and seeing Pelosi bounced would be a delicious irony to savor.

  • November 29, 2018 at 9:12 pm

    Be some internal coup right there. The lefts golden inviolate rule to never attack fellow democrats is being violated. I think that is an indication there’s a larger power struggle than we know with a koolaid carrying media gatekeepers.
    The new kids aren’t mincing words about anything. How’s the older guard to counter their appeals to the never-assimilated’s? It is messaging they must like to hear from their fellow non assimilating congressional invaders. Non of them have an iota of care about the dirt people of the country who has given them shelter, to them america is something which must be gotten rid of, while sucking on its free shit feet and their “protected” status.
    This is what I mean when I say Diversity is dress rehearsal for civil war.

    Far as I can find in every instance of alien invasion into a western homogenous sovereign culture/nation war has been the outcome. Only have to take the collapse of the Roman’s as a proper example of that.
    those radical leftist south Americans and musloid house wins are invasion. They are so far from assimilating you need the Hubble to find it. Immigration without assimilation is invasion. Deliberate absence of assimilation is 4th Generation war.
    Vox Day said it. Sink The Boats. Powell said I told You.
    Its not difficult.
    Its not Rocket Science.
    Build The Big Beautiful Wall
    They Have To Go Back.

    Stopping the caravan’s at the border cold, not backing down one inch, is an excellent start to the further determination of rounding them up and repatriating them to their homeland.
    Imagine if those 40-50 million invaders went to their government and demanded it take care of them without having to be accountable of themselves?
    The dichotomy is mind blowing.
    Yet, they have the hubris to want to destroy our country to boot so it suits them.
    Is there a definition for this, hipocracy?

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