Tucker Carlson Has an Hilarious Segment on Sending Illegal Immigrants to Obama’s Neighorhood

Tucker is so much fun.  He works us through the hypocrisy of Sanctuary Cities that don’t want illegals “dumped” on them.  He singled out the John Kerry’s lily-white Beacon Hill,  Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Upper East Side and Barack Obama’s Kalorama neighborhoods as the best places to let the woke liberals really get a wake up call about how great it is to be surrounded by the gorgeous mosaic.  Carlson really has a flair for puncturing hypocrisy.  An excellent lesson in why Trump knows what he is doing.


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War Pig
War Pig

I think they should dump them in sanctuary cities and then tell them that if they are ever caught outside, they will be immediately deported. Make it so that they cannot be dragged out of the sanctuary city even kicking and screaming. Then tel the sanctuary city that federal aid for immigrants is cut off for them. If they want to deny the law, they can do without the cash.