The Twilight Zone – Complete Series Review – Season 3 Episode 34 – Young Man’s Fancy

Alex Walker has just returned home with his new bride Virginia and before they take off on their honeymoon, they are preparing to have a realtor sell the old place.  But the more Alex looks at every old memento of his life with his deceased mother the less he likes the idea of leaving it.  Finally, he tells the realtor that he will have to think about the sale after he gets back from his honeymoon.  All this upsets Virginia terribly and we find out that she has waited for years for her deceased mother in law to die so that Alex would be willing to get married.  Now he walks around the house talking obsessively about his childhood life with his mother, about the songs she liked, the fudge she would make for them to snack on and how she took care of him after his father abandoned them.  Finally, he tells her that he will not sell the house but that they will live in it instead.

Virginia is so upset by this that she goes to get her things and leave.  But as she passes through the house, she notes that everything is changing into the version that had been there twenty-five years earlier; the telephone, stove and ice box.  Then suddenly she sees Alex’s mother standing on the staircase and Virginia tells her that she can’t have Alex, that he is a grown man and she hasn’t the right to keep him for herself.  But the mother says it isn’t her doing.  And from behind her a 10-year-old Alex appears and tells Virginia that they don’t need her and for her to go.  Virginia leaves.

Yikes!  This is a very creepy episode.  It reminds me of Psycho except without the murder and transvestitism.  Although I am quite repelled by the tele-play, I guess I’ll say it’s effective and probably quite original for the time.  Despite my reluctance I’m forced to give it a B-.

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War Pig
War Pig
2 years ago

Not a fan of oedipus complex movies or TV. D- or F+ for me.