04AUG2019 – OCF Update

Well, the madness continues without abatement.  Two mass shootings in two days.  I have a theory that when the political news is bad for the Left, as it’s been the last few weeks, it triggers the most unstable of the left-wing crazies to mass murder.  Of course it could just as easily be a random maniac but let’s see.  It’s hard to get reliable information on these mass murders but perhaps some unbiased journalist will see it as a worthwhile project.

Recently I put out a review of Starman Jones.  Rereading the old Heinlein juveniles is quite enjoyable and I’ve decided to reread and review the rest of them.  They are very well written and where they show their age it actually seems to be to their advantage.  Those were much happier and healthier times than the world we live in today.


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War Pig
War Pig
3 years ago

People keep saying it is a gun problem. Hooey. When I was in high school, we had rifles in the school as part of a marksmanship and gun safety class. We boys brought our own rifles and shotguns to school and had them in the trunks of our cars or in racks in the windows of pickup trucks, with ammo, so we could go hunting as soon as school let out. There may have been well over a hundred rifles or shotguns in the parking lot at the high school on any day in hunting season. And we had no… Read more »