Who Murders a Classroom of Second Graders?

Who destroys innocent human life just to get attention?  A madman.  Whether he uses a gun or an automobile or poison this is a creature devoid of human feeling.  And imagine targeting specifically young children.  Now we have a human monster.  Someone who is intent on horrifying his audience to the greatest degree.

What does it say about our society that we have platoons of these maniacs?  One time it’s a heartless creep who mows down a crowd of children and their families at a Christmas parade.  Then it’s a racist opening up on a train full of commuters.  Last week it’s another racist shooting up a store.  And yesterday an eighteen-year-old psychopath shoots his grandmother and goes on to a grade school and kills everyone in sight.

The fact that one of them was white, two black and one Latino is only important in the case of the white man because that allows him to be guilty of the additional crime of white supremacy.  And the black man in the car must be completely ignored because he didn’t use a gun and is black.  But the three gun-wielders all can be used as fodder for the gun control lobby that relishes these stories like nothing else.  And that is why the man who mowed down a crowd with his car must be ignored.

Because if we think about other weapons like a car or a kitchen knife or a couple of grams of fentanyl, we realize that mass murder is within the reach of any maniac who decides he wants to get famous by murdering innocent people.  After all a nurse has the opportunity to kill thousands of people if she is careful to avoid an obvious pattern to her work.  A worker at a food or pharmaceutical plant can easily adulterate products that people will ingest.

It’s simply that guns are a political target that the Left seeks to take away from free people to render them subject to their supposed public servants.  I’ve seen how this story works with the weak minded.  They immediately cave to the appeal to their soft nature, “Think of the children.”  Well, what about the maniac at the wheel of a car?  Shouldn’t we by the same logic eliminate the automobile?  And how about chain saws?  I’m sure someone has killed his neighbor with one of those.

But it’s the same old argument.  We’ll hear this ad infinitum for the next few weeks.  Hopefully the Supreme Court won’t be swayed when they make their decision on New York City’s restrictive gun law that’s on the docket.

But for me the real question is a different one.  It’s not about the weapon.  My question is about the killers.  Are they getting worse?  And are they getting more common?   Fifty years ago, more or less, an insane man took a rifle into a tower on a college campus and started shooting people at random until he was stopped by a policeman’s bullet.

That killing spree horrified the nation.  But it wasn’t followed by another one a week later and then another one a week after that.  I could be wrong about this but it seems like the mental health of this country is sliding.  The people who commit these mass murders are the worst cases.  They must be the people who have the lowest reserves of sanity to draw on.  But for every one of these there must be a million cases of road rage or some other antisocial outburst.

This is the result of living in the pressure cooker that the Left has ushered in with their George Floyd color revolution.  Deteriorating financial conditions, lawlessness on the streets, alienation by the people in charge; it’s a perfect storm of mental stress that is cracking more and more of the weakest minds.  But think of how disconnected from his human feelings an eighteen-year-old must be to go into a classroom of second graders or fourth graders and start shooting them point blank.  I can’t do it.  I can’t imagine that anyone with a shred of humanity could do such a thing.

So, the world is dehumanizing the weakest people among us.  That is a warning signal.  We’ve gotten rid of God.  We’ve abandoned reality.  We no longer protect our children from harmful people and their warped ideas.  Life in Joe Biden’s America is becoming something like living in an insane asylum.  Maybe people will vote to change that.

What I Took Away from the Weekend Horror Fest

I waited yesterday instead of writing a post.  I wanted to sift through my thoughts.

My opinion is we’re in a lot of trouble.  And I’m not talking about Democrats and Second Amendment attacks and presidential polls.  Put all that aside for a minute.

Connor Betts was 24.  Patrick Crusius is 21.  We have young men who are of an age where they should be enjoying life to its fullest.  Instead they’re flushing their lives down the drain in a senseless orgy of violence.  And it’s happening more and more frequently.  Without a doubt, the ones committing these crimes are the most damaged of their generation.  They are probably terrible misfits that don’t feel empathy and live inside the tiny world of their own thoughts.  There have always been people like this and there have always been crimes like these.  But nowhere near as many.

What I’m afraid we are doing is widening a window of people who can fall into this kind of trap.  Adolescence is a rough time, especially for males.  Without someone watching out for them it’s easy to get involved in destructive behavior.  And that someone no longer exists.  Nobody is watching out for these kids.  Mom and Dad are both working.  Many times, there isn’t even another brother or sister around to communicate with.  No one even knows or cares if they go to school.  Work doesn’t leave any room for these kids.  So, they spend their time on the internet or video games.  If they fall behind in school or get into trouble often the parents and teachers will paper over it and make believe that something didn’t happen or didn’t mean anything.

And in the last ten years we have added a new dimension.  The Millennials grew up in a world where there were no jobs to be had.  So, after spending twelve years bored in school, without a job you live in your parents’ basement and have no adult life or even prospects of it.  So, in addition to the truly disturbed individuals we are pushing the fragile normal people into the same place.  They’re angry and are looking for someone to punish for their wasted lives.

The mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton are, as always, shocking.  But what isn’t a surprise is that these two young men were dangerously mentally ill long before their rampages.  Just looking at the pictures and reading the accounts of their histories should be enough to convince people that what we have in this country isn’t a gun problem, it’s societal dysfunction causing a mental health emergency.  Look at the kid in Ohio.  The stories contain the fact that while in high school he had a list of kids he wanted to kill and a list of girls he wanted to rape.  If you’re the parent of this boy what else do you need to hear to know that your son is a ticking time bomb?  And maybe they did know.  And maybe it’s just where we are as a country that they didn’t know what to do.  What would I have done in that case?  What can be done?  These aren’t easy questions to answer.  But they sure do have to be answered.  We’ve got a whole continent full of young men growing up in a world that doesn’t value their talents and doesn’t have anything to keep them gainfully employed.  That is a recipe for extinction.

So other than a lot of talk, what does all this mean?  Well for the most deeply disturbed we have to stop thinking that antidepressants will allow criminally insane individuals to walk among us.  These people need to be institutionalized for life.  That’s for their own good but mostly for ours.

But for the run of the mill kid growing up in America there’s still plenty that needs to be done.  What my take away from this is spend a lot of time with your sons and your grandsons.  Don’t assume that just by keeping them in school and driving them to soccer practice that they’re okay.  Talk about the future with them.  Talk realistically and constructively about how kids transition into adults.  Know their friends.  Check their homework and see if they’re prepared for tests.  Pay attention!  Be aware of their activities on the internet.  Help them to socialize in a constructive way.  And don’t let them feel alone or bored.  A kid is better off with a manual labor job than sitting around alone all day.

You may think that these things only happen to the worst of the worst people.  But I don’t think that’s the case.  The world that we live in isolates us and destroys our communities, families and especially our sons.  Don’t let it.  Even the kids who don’t go off the deep end are struggling in an environment that’s almost unfathomable even for adults.  Help them!  Adapt to the problems, compensate for the dysfunctional arrangements we live under.  Save your kids.  They’re the only possession of value you have.


04AUG2019 – OCF Update

Well, the madness continues without abatement.  Two mass shootings in two days.  I have a theory that when the political news is bad for the Left, as it’s been the last few weeks, it triggers the most unstable of the left-wing crazies to mass murder.  Of course it could just as easily be a random maniac but let’s see.  It’s hard to get reliable information on these mass murders but perhaps some unbiased journalist will see it as a worthwhile project.

Recently I put out a review of Starman Jones.  Rereading the old Heinlein juveniles is quite enjoyable and I’ve decided to reread and review the rest of them.  They are very well written and where they show their age it actually seems to be to their advantage.  Those were much happier and healthier times than the world we live in today.