Boris Johnson Shows Some Spunk

So BoJo is actually serious about getting Brexit done.  Bravo!  This is just the type of definite action that needs to be applied against the Leftists and Globalists and Elitists everywhere and all the time.  Catch them flat footed and keep them off balance.  Don’t telegraph your blows, surprise them.  Use the advantages the system gives you and take the ball out of their hands.  Bravo.

Will they figure a way to stop him?  Maybe.  They may combine Labor and the Tory Remainers and vote no confidence.  Fine, let them.  Then the Brexit Party will compete against all the Remainers and the Labor districts and spare the Tory Brexiteers and the coalition of the Tory and Brexit parties will be plenty big enough to get Brexit done right.

Once Brexit is complete, the British have a chance to decide what their priorities are.  Maybe they want to be socialists.  Who knows?  But at least they’ll be able to decide for themselves instead of being led around by the nose by Brussels.  Even socialists have some pride.

I am interested to see whether President Trump can manage to come up with a trade package that can help both Britain and us.  I don’t know the details of the EU trade agreements with the US but it’s a cinch that improvements can be worked out.  And the leverage we can provide to Britain may help them to strike a better deal with the EU after a hard Brexit occurs.

And finally, Brexit may be the first domino that finally topples the whole European project.  The Italians, the Greeks, the Poles, the Hungarians and other states are chafing under the constant scolding and austerity browbeating that the Germans hand out along with their loans.  It would be wonderful if these debt slaves broke their bonds and escaped the EU plantation.

So keep up the good work Boris.  We’re all cheering British Trump and hope he rescues his country from their Globalist traitors.  Get it done by Halloween.


The Twilight Zone – Complete Series Review – Season 5 Episode 18 – Black Leather Jackets

Steve, Fred and Scott are three young men in black leather jackets riding motorcycles looking extremely “cool.”  They ride into town and go to a realtor’s office.  Then we see them move into a house.  Next door is Stuart Tillman, his wife Martha and their teenage daughter Ellen.  That night the Tillmans notice interference with their electrical devices.  Stuart notices that the motorcycle guys next door have a complicated antenna on their roof and he goes to their house to find out if they are ham radio operators.  When he arrives, the boys push him around and mock him.  He threatens to go to the police but they use mental control to dissuade him.

He returns home and tells Martha that they are good boys.  Next we see the “boys” inside their house talking to a two-way television system.  On the screen is the closeup of an eye.  They’re talking to their boss from another planet who has sent them to Earth to poison the water supply of their town with a lethal bacterium.  Agents of this alien world are doing the same thing all across Earth.  The bacteria will kill everyone all at once and very soon.

Meanwhile Ellen misses her bus going to the library so Scott gives her a ride on his motorcycle.  They fall in love and Scott warns Ellen that his friends are aliens that will destroy all human life.  Ellen decides he’s nuts and tells her parents.  They call the sheriff.  The sheriff is “out of town” but his “replacement” comes over to see about the trouble.  The sheriff is one of the aliens and Scott recognizes him but the sheriff brought some helpers dressed as medical attendants and they tell the Tillmans that they will “take care of Scott.”  The End.

What was that?  No really, what the hell was that?

This wasn’t a Twilight Zone episode it was more like an Ed Wood production.  The cheesy Marlon Brando “Wild One” vibe.  The “Daddy-O” and “Gonesville” dialog.  All it needed was Criswell to narrate instead of Serling.

So why were the aliens, bikers?  Did they get a discount on leather jackets?  Couldn’t they have been German Nuns who needed to build a “shapel”?  Then at least Sidney Poitier could have helped them poison the water supply.

The mind boggles.  D-.


Boris Lowers the Boom

Boris Johnson is going to get the Queen to suspend Parliament to force the opposition to either push for a no-confidence vote or drop their attempts to block his Brexit strategy.  With the suspension ending just two weeks before the October 31st deadline this will limit what the Remainers have time to cook up to block a hard Brexit.

It’s a gutsy move.  If a general election is called chances are the Brexit Party will win a huge victory and probably will assure a hard Brexit happens but it would also sink Johnson’s own Tories.  I think he’s betting that the cowardly Remainers will prefer to hold onto their seats rather than get their way on Brexit.


27AUG2019 – American Greatness Post of the Day – Small-Business Men Get a Front-Row Seat for Everyday Life by Salena Zito

Here’s a feel good post by Salena Zito.  She travels around some of the small town areas of the country, many of them in the red areas of the purple states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin where Trump voters live.  Actual Americans who live in actual communities.  Read it if you need a lift.


Have Space Suit – Will Travel by Robert A Heinlein – A Science Fiction Book Review

“Have Space Suit – Will Travel” is probably the most whimsical of all Heinlein’s juvenile novels and also one of the most entertaining.  The protagonist is Kip Russell, a high school senior who more than anything wants to go into space.  But his high school doesn’t have the rigorous curriculum necessary to qualify him for a top engineering college.  But exhorted by his father to show initiative he enters the “Spaceway Soap” tag line contest that has a first prize of a free trip to the Moon.  He enters hundreds of phrases and one of his wins but it turns out another contestant sent it first so he gets a consolation prize of a real (but used) space suit.  Kip spends his summer repairing and installing the equipment needed to make the suit a functional piece of equipment.  As the summer is ending, he decides he will send the suit back and get the cash refund that will help him try to enter the local state college that is Kip’s only option.

But before returning it he takes it out into his rural neighborhood and using the functional radio transmitter that he’s installed in the suit he sends some fake messages.  He broadcasts, “Junebug to Peewee, come in.”  And when, surprisingly, Peewee answers him he tells her to home in on his position.  And then a flying saucer lands in front of him.  And then another one lands.  And then an alien comes running out of the first one and gets shot.  And then Kip gets shot with a ray gun.

When Kip wakes up, he is aboard one of the flying saucers and he meets Peewee.  She is a ten-year-old girl and a genius.  He finds out that she is being held prisoner by bug-eyed monsters that have also captured the alien that he saw earlier.  Peewee calls this alien the Mother Thing because of her empathetic abilities.  When Kip met them, Peewee and the Mother Thing had stolen a ship from the bug-eyed monsters (that Peewee calls the Wormfaces for obvious reasons) and been chased to his location.  Peewee had thought that because Kip had called for Peewee by name that it was her father trying to save her.  Her father is a very important scientific expert working with the government and academia.  She was kidnapped by some human agents of the Wormfaces while she was a tourist on the Moon.  And the Moon is where the flying saucer is taking them.

The story is extremely compelling with plenty of exciting exploits with planetary, interstellar and even intergalactic travel that expands the plot into higher and higher levels of extraterrestrial civilization.  By the end of the story Kip is representing Earth in a trial for the very future of the human race.

The story is a tour de force to showcase Heinlein’s ability to combine all of the tropes of the Golden Age Science Fiction space opera stories into an engaging adventure featuring a young adult protagonist that fits the Heinlein juvenile specification of an up by his bootstraps achiever who wants to go into last frontier of outer space by hard work and clean living.

I won’t give away all the details but I will say that this story is immensely entertaining and the protagonist is a wonderfully Heinleinesque narrator for this romp through the outer reaches of our solar system and beyond.  Very, very highly recommended for young and old alike.


The Twilight Zone – Complete Series Review – Season 5 Episode 17 – Number 12 Looks Just Like You

Marilyn is a teen-age girl living in a future where at maturity men and women are subjected to the “Transformation” which allows them to live an indefinite period without showing the signs of aging.  But the other detail of the process is that everyone must pick one of a small number of attractive appearances.  Of course, this also means only one actor (Richard Long) and three actresses were needed to play all the parts.

Marilyn’s mother Lana, her Uncle Rick and Marilyn’s friend Valerie all try to convince her to have the transformation.  When she resists their advice, she is handed over to the doctors.  Dr. Rex and Dr. Sigmund Friend and Dr. Tom (all Richard Long!) explain to Marilyn that the transformation is good for her.  When they ask her why she doesn’t want the procedure she explains that her father was old fashioned and gave her old literature that explained about individuality and inner beauty.  And when he had the transformation done to him, he felt he had lost his individuality and killed himself.

Finally, Marilyn tries to escape the hospital where she is being kept but she accidentally ends up in the transformation room and is given the same appearance as her friend Valerie.  But after the transformation Marilyn is completely happy and adjusted to the idea.

Collin Wilcox who plays Marilyn was the actress who played the pathetic Mayella Ewell in “To Kill a Mockingbird.”  She puts plenty of emotion in her part.  But honestly this is kind of a silly episode.  Richard Long uses a fake Austrian accent in his Dr Sigmund Friend part and other goofy mannerisms to help us tell his various personas from each other.  This is a very thin story.  I’ve got to go with C.