Debating Bernie

With all the talk about Bloomberg coming in and being handed the nomination I thought about which scenario was better for us.  Honestly I can’t rightly say.  Bloomberg is maybe a little less crazy but he has plenty of faults that will make him a big target in November.

But putting aside questions of tactics I keep coming back to how much fun it would be if Bernie were the nominee.  Imagine a debate between President Trump and him.  If asked about healthcare he would tout his Medicaid for All.  When he was forced to admit it, he would confirm that it would eliminate all the private insurance in the country and throw us into an awful government system like the Canadians and British.  These are systems where you might have to wait years for an expensive test or treatment.  In fact some cancer patients have died waiting for such tests.  Can you imagine what President Trump would do with an opportunity to reply to a Bernie answer on health insurance?  It would be devastating.

And how about the rest of Bernie’s agenda?  He believes in eliminating border controls.  He wants free college for all.  He wants to provide free medical and education benefits to all illegals.  He’s on board with the pipe dream plan in the “green new deal.”  The shock and horror of moderates and independents when Bernie admits that he’s going to ramp their taxes exponentially to pay for all these absurdities will lose him every sane voter in middle America.  In such a situation we can probably win Colorado, and Nevada on top of all the states Trump won in 2016 along with the likely addition of Minnesota.

And the best part of the whole thing will be all those progressives wailing and gnashing their teeth on Election Day night.  Miley Cyrus whining and crying, again, about how it was Bernie’s turn.  Rachel Maddow telling us, again, that this is no nightmare, this is our lives.  Without a doubt the “ragin’ Cajun,” James Carville’s head will explode out of frustration that his warnings about Bernie were ignored.  The Young Turks will be swearing continuously again.  Every single word will be bleeped out.  I wonder if Russia will be blamed again.  Of course, it would be better to blame the Soviet Union than Russia.  that will be the actual cause of the loss.  Because when you come right down to it, less than half of Americans are crazy enough to prefer socialism to capitalism.  Not that capitalism has been doing a bang up job lately but even the semi-delusional will look into Bernie Sander’s apoplectic face and recognize a lunatic when they see one.

Of course 2020 will be much better than 2016.  we wont have to wait for months for President Trump to be sworn in and then assemble a cabinet.  He’ll already be there.  And with no more campaigning in his future he’ll be unconstrained.  His Justice Department can use his next four years to frog-march the likes of Comey, McCabe, Brennan and Clapper right into the big house.  My won’t that be fun.