24FEB2020 – OCF Update – Site Analytics

Today was an amazing day on the site traffic wise.   Whatfinger picked up my little Debate Comedy Post and depending on whether you use Google Analytics or another index that counts the bots too, we had something between 660 and 830 page views as of 10 pm eastern time.

But as exciting as that is, I still haven’t succeeded in getting viewers from all 50 states in the same day.

This time it’s Alaska and South Dakota that are holding out.  Other times it’s been Vermont or Delaware.

Ah well, there’s still time.  But I fear I will be denied again.  The color darkness represents the number of readers in a state.  In this case you can see that Texas has the highest number of readers at 70.  If anyone knows anyone in Alaska or South Dakota that needs a laugh at Bernie Sanders’ expense let them know tonight is the night to click in.