Profiles in Courage from the Instagram Era – Chris Cuomo – The Ernie Pyle of World War Z

Someday historians will look back and identify the exact moment when American manhood hit its lowest point and it will be identified by the time stamp on the video of Chris Cuomo whining about having the flu.  Don’t get me wrong having pneumonia and being unable to breath is my idea of Hell on Earth.  The elderly and the frail victims of COVID-19 are struggling with every breathe they take to stave off a horrible death.

But by his own description Fredo is describing fever and muscle aches.  Those are exactly flu symptoms.  He doesn’t have pneumonia.  He wasn’t in respiratory distress.  He wasn’t coughing up blood.  He wasn’t suffering from cardiac arrhythmia.  He has the flu.  And even as he painted his word picture of his harrowing ordeal he managed to take as many pot shots at President Trump as he could.  Cuomo is a pathetic man who in a better world would be consigned to cleaning trash off the sides of less important roads.  Listening to him I wonder if we’ll ever see a time when the major media outlets will be ashamed to let someone as dishonest, as petty, as annoying as Chris Cuomo represent their brand to the American public.

I should link up to the video but frankly I wouldn’t want to help his ratings.  Shame on him.  Shame on CNN.  And shame on all of us for allowing our country to deteriorate to the point where Chris Cuomo isn’t ashamed to show his face in public.

But I wonder what Chris will do in a couple of days when he has no symptoms left to tout?  He will be quarantined for a couple of weeks at least so he has to come up with a new act.  Perhaps he can chronicle his battle against toe nail fungus or a really bad case of ear wax. So brave, so brave.

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War Pig
War Pig
1 year ago

And Don Lemon cried over him on TV.

Crocodile tears.