Fredo Sleeps with the Fish

Fredo went against the Family.  No not the Cuomo Crime Family.  He went against the #MeToo family.  So, they took him out on the lake and now he sleeps with the fish.  Don Lemon will now be the sole contestant for the title “Stupidest Human on Television.”  Without Fredo CNN will lose a whole demographic of viewers.  The short attention span viewer will permanently tune CNN out.  They’ll drift away to reality tv or possibly watch shiny spinning objects.  They’ve lost their man.

Seriously, as much as I despise the people who fired him, I’m delighted to hear that the last of the Cuomos are now unemployed.  From Mario to Fredo they have infested New York politics and embarrassed Italian Americans for over fifty years.  To never have to see Fredo’s “deer in the headlights” expression again on the television is a blessing.

Of course, I haven’t considered whether Fredo might find something outside of news.  Maybe something in the entertainment industry.  I know it’s probably beyond him but maybe he could become a rodeo clown.  It’s honest work and his face would be an asset.  He wouldn’t need makeup and I’m sure the bulls and bucking broncs will be fascinated by his dim-witted stare.  Or possibly he could become a carny.  Not one of the barkers.  That’s too skilled.  Maybe he could throw sawdust on the beer barf.  That’s not so hard.  That’s it!  His next gig will be beer barf sawdust guy.  And if he studies hard and applies himself, one day, he could become the cotton candy guy.  Only in America.

Really my only worry is the possibility of a next generation.  Could Andrew and Chris have progeny that might one day show up in the public space?  I tend to think this is unlikely.  Based on the drop off in intelligence between Mario and his sons I assume the next generation will fall right out of the human spectrum and end up with IQ’s in the single digits.  That would put them in a class with planaria and other flatworms.  Even CNN couldn’t employ them.

So, I guess this is it.  Farewell Fredo.  We hardly knew ye.  Or we hardly wanted to know ye.  Or something.

Good riddance.

Silly Season 2021 – Toobin Strikes Back!

Just when you thought it was safe to watch CNN again, he returns.

Jeffreywhy is everybody looking at me like that?Toobin has returned to provide legal insight to the viewers at CNN.  But the female viewers will always be a little nervous from now on.  And in any remote interview everyone will be thinking, “Is he wearing pants and where are his hands?”  And when he’s in studio will we ever see a woman (or anyone) shaking his hand ever again?

We live in the age of miracles and wonder and seeing Jeffrey “tube lubin” Toobin return from the wilderness proves that there is nothing so awful and pathetic that a true progressive won’t come back from it saying “What?  What?”  Even Bill Clinton must take off his hat or pants to Toobin.

I agree with the statement of one of the commenters on this bizarre resurrection, “This man must’ve had some dirt on somebody with power ’cause this is just beyond.”

But my favorite comment was ” At least @CNN is honest now about having no journalistic standards whatsoever. Such honesty must be freeing!”

Surely the LGBTQ movement must have a letter for Toobin.  Maybe W for wanker.  Obviously the normal people don’t want him but during sodomy pride month there must be a special place for someone like Jeffrey who may have pride but definitively has no shame.

Profiles in Courage from the Instagram Era – Chris Cuomo – The Ernie Pyle of World War Z

Someday historians will look back and identify the exact moment when American manhood hit its lowest point and it will be identified by the time stamp on the video of Chris Cuomo whining about having the flu.  Don’t get me wrong having pneumonia and being unable to breath is my idea of Hell on Earth.  The elderly and the frail victims of COVID-19 are struggling with every breathe they take to stave off a horrible death.

But by his own description Fredo is describing fever and muscle aches.  Those are exactly flu symptoms.  He doesn’t have pneumonia.  He wasn’t in respiratory distress.  He wasn’t coughing up blood.  He wasn’t suffering from cardiac arrhythmia.  He has the flu.  And even as he painted his word picture of his harrowing ordeal he managed to take as many pot shots at President Trump as he could.  Cuomo is a pathetic man who in a better world would be consigned to cleaning trash off the sides of less important roads.  Listening to him I wonder if we’ll ever see a time when the major media outlets will be ashamed to let someone as dishonest, as petty, as annoying as Chris Cuomo represent their brand to the American public.

I should link up to the video but frankly I wouldn’t want to help his ratings.  Shame on him.  Shame on CNN.  And shame on all of us for allowing our country to deteriorate to the point where Chris Cuomo isn’t ashamed to show his face in public.

But I wonder what Chris will do in a couple of days when he has no symptoms left to tout?  He will be quarantined for a couple of weeks at least so he has to come up with a new act.  Perhaps he can chronicle his battle against toe nail fungus or a really bad case of ear wax. So brave, so brave.

PJ Media Links to a CNN Report That Discovered That Minnesota is in Play

If CNN admits to being worried about President Trump flipping Minnesota in 2020 then that strikes me as meaning it’s already a fait accompli.

In 2016 Donald Trump flipped Wisconsin and missed Minnesota by about 40,000 votes.  I’m guessing Minnesota hands us 10 electoral votes next year.  Good news indeed.


Fredo Balks

Watching the video of Chris Cuomo, I was sort of sad to see him demeaned.  I mean anyone who grows up in a large family knows that sibling rivalry and competition in an intellectual environment is stressful.  So, the fact that Chris is sort of the lesser intellect in the Cuomo family is something that many would feel sympathy for.  Of course, the fact that he spouts poisonous lies on CNN about non-Leftists makes him a whole lot less sympathetic.  Sean Hannity was supportive of Cuomo because the incident occurred while Cuomo was out with his wife and young daughter.  This is also something that should be acknowledged.  Being a celebrity doesn’t cancel out your humanity and shouldn’t excuse even your enemies from showing decency around your loved ones.  Once again, Cuomo has never given President Trump or his family any slack when tossing insults and vilifying them about any personal issues that have nothing to do with government.  But let’s just say it’s understandable that Cuomo reacted angrily and forcefully to his heckler.

But then as ever, Cuomo pulled the race card, or slightly less effectively, the ethnicity card.  Chris threatened to throw the heckler down the stairs for what he declared was the equivalent of the “n” word for Italian Americans, “Fredo.”  Huh.

All my ancestors, going back as far as I can determine, were Italians or descendants of Italians living in the United States.  And a good proportion of these were descended from Sicilians.  And on top of that my family is from an Italian neighborhood in Brooklyn that unfortunately was steeped in awareness of the Godfather movies.  I can remember back in the 1970s car horns in my neighborhood playing a portion of the Godfather theme.  It was quite sad.  Anyway, I consider myself relatively authoritative on this subject.  “Fredo” is not an Italian American slur.  It’s a mockery of someone who isn’t the brightest bulb in a family with more accomplished individuals.  In the Godfather movies Fredo is the incompetent older brother of Michael who bumbles and fails and finally betrays the Corleones while trying to show that he isn’t a loser.

In the famous scene where Michael confronts Fredo with his betrayal you hear Fredo defend his own actions by blaming everyone else for demeaning him.  He’s the older brother who whose pride has been wounded.

“I can handle things! I’m smart! Not like everybody says… like dumb… I’m smart and I want respect!”

Okay, so Chris Cuomo isn’t exactly Fredo.  He’s got a good paying job at CNN and all the material success associated with being part of a family that has had two governors of New York State in just two generations of the family.  Not bad.  So why does being called Fredo sting so badly?  Well, to be totally honest if you’ve ever watched any of his work on CNN, he does appear sometimes to be an idiot.  And again, in a highly competitive family maybe some unkind comparisons were made by his siblings or parents.  Who knows?  But the most important consideration is noting that no matter what, when a Leftist is attacked his first instinct is to call his attacker a racist.  Poor Fredo.  Well at least Andrew hasn’t sent him out on the lake to sleep with the fish.