Really Bad News for The Democrats and Drudge

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and for the doom and gloomers that has happened.  We just passed global  COVID-19 peak death.

They can fake it for a while by conflating any death with COVID-19 deaths but even that will get hard to believe even for the people locked in blue states.  When New Yorkers start seeing Floridians strolling around on beaches it’s gonna get to be a bit thick.   From now on they’re just going to have to attack the President on the economy and he knows how to turn that to his advantage as he works to re-open and revitalize American industry.  He’ll blame Nancy Pelosi for not approving unemployment and small business relief and she’ll fold like a cheap suit.

But what will Drudge do?  All I can think of is some sort of cross over articles where sexbots infected with COVID-19 disguised as ventilators attack hospital workers like some sort of sleazy direct-to-video terminator plot line.  Well Matt Drudge’s got to eat somehow.



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2 years ago

Yes sir. Now it’s time to put the country back to work and fast! Business owners are getting restless and I’ve heard many say that they will not go down this way and are talking of opening before Big Gov’t gives them the ok. I heard Lamont talking gibberish the other day about how they’re trying to coordinate with NY, Mass etc., in timing the opening. Screw that. If all businesses open what are they going to do? Arrest everyone? I heard Tall Deval Baker say he wants to see 14 straight days of fewer cases before opening more businesses.… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  photog

Can’t wait to get out of these lib states!