21JUL2020 – OCF Update

I saw Vox Day had a link to an article and an excerpt about Red Bull firing their North American Chief Executive and Chief Marketing Officer because they were pushing a BLM diversity and inclusion racket at the company.  Apparently Red Bull is run by a billionaire CEO Dietrich Mateschitz in Austria and he’s old school.  He even likes Donald Trump.  Apparently these two were leading a social justice crusade.  They leaked a letter to the press where 300 employees complained about Red Bull’s lack of wokeness.  I’m guessing those 300 whiners may be joining the ranks of the unemployed woke very soon.  I’m not the kind to drink energy drinks but I’ll have to see how to give a boost to a company that has its head screwed on right like they do.

I’ve started reading Stanislaus Lem’s “Cyberiad.”  War Pig had mentioned it and I remember I was interested in reading some more of his stuff way back when.  It’s off-beat and very humorous and that’s something you don’t get in sf&f very often so I’m thinking this will be good.

I’m looking for someone who has a background in guns to write some articles on classic and state of the art handguns.  I’ve always thought those kind of articles will be popular and useful for the readers here.  If anyone is interested leave a comment or e-mail.

I’ll put up a review of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.”  It’s not my usual movie but it was recommended and it has some interesting points.  But it is a Quentin Tarantino film and he is a strange dude.

I’ve gotten some more of Olivier’s Shakespeare movies.  I’ll throw those on the pile and watch them soon.  I’m thinking I need to do a series on classic westerns.  I should make a point of buying the dvds before the studios decide to destroy them out of woke spite.

And finally I made a point of buying a Columbus biography written before the revisionists blackened his name.  It should be just the thing for ammunition against the brainless when they screech against him.


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War Pig
War Pig
2 years ago

Chicago is now Beirut. Funerals of those shot in the last two weekends shot to pieces. Portland is now Palestine. NYC is gone to hell in a hand basket.
In my nightly prayers I implore the Almighty to help us, but then I read that a USMC training session was called off because a USAF lecturer was a christian and I am ready to throw in the towel. The Marines defeated by some minor pressure group.
Truly these are the End Days.