The ZMan Speculates on Where We Are With This Election

The ZMan is not a Trump fan.  But he is interested in how the American electorate’s understanding of Left/Right politics is adapting to the new landscape we now live in.  And because he’s not a Trump partisan I find it especially confirmatory of my opinion that he also sees that the media are using exactly the same inflated numbers for Biden that they used for Hillary back in 2016.  It’s wonderful how today Biden is up by 7 points in Florida.  I remember back in 2016 there was such excitement because Florida had Hillary ahead early and everyone on the Left was haling it as the demographic inevitability that they’d been heralding for a decade.  And then they lost.  I guess the idea is to discourage voters by telling them their votes won’t matter.

The ZMan also notes that the rioting isn’t very popular with white voters almost everywhere.  Who knows maybe even Oregon and Washington voters may be fed up enough to send a message to their representatives on election day.  Maybe a representative or two get’s bounced in favor of a Republican here and there.  Wouldn’t that be something.  So anyway, it’s good to see the ZMan is seeing a lot of the same things I am.  It doesn’t hurt to have a neutral party confirm your opinion once in a while.


The Media Revolution


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War Pig
War Pig
3 years ago

Polls are little more than political propaganda, Dizinformation. They are made up out of thin air by political partisans in the mainstream media who have given up even denying that they are partisan.
I hope that after Trump is reelected, that some of these outlets lose their FCC licenses as impartial reporters of news. That forced s]change of ownership to impartial parties is mandated. In that way we can have freedom back in the press.
It would please me immensely if Trump won a victors the magnitude of Reagan over Carter, and that the Congress went red as well.

3 years ago

Biden isn’t in the lead in any poll, there are just two candidates in this election, Trump and Not-Trump. Not-Trump could be Mickey Mouse, Adam Shi**, my cat, or Pol Pot and it would make no difference at all.