No Time for Mourning

We find ourselves in a very strange place.  By we I mean the people who grew up in “the America that was.”  We remember a wonderful place that was almost a heaven on earth.  That’s not to say there weren’t innumerable problems and all manner of divisions between people but the great majority of its citizens were happy to live under the laws and customs that had existed for generations and wanted their children and grandchildren to do the same.  Prosperity and normalcy were the rule and the exceptions could be handled by the safety nets and agencies that steered people and activities in the directions that led to stability.

All of that has been swept away.  Not only is normalcy and prosperity gone but it is vilified by a great number of the young.  The new ideal is dependency and minimalism.  The government will provide you with a pauper’s wage and you will subsist on it and no more.  No thought of thriving and producing a family.  In fact, family is an evil.  Children are a plague on the Earth in its fevered state.  Better to live in your parent’s basement and play video games and wait for death.  Everything about “the America that was,” is anathema.  Her founding, her prosperity, her victories and fantastic creations.  All of them are fruits of evil and must be renounced and abandoned.  And we are told that it will only continue to move in that direction until a solid majority believe these things and vote in leaders who will make this the permanent opinion.

Whether this is true or not is still unclear to me.  It seems strange that the children and grandchildren of free men would degenerate so quickly that they would be willing to grovel at the feet of thugs and madmen.  But I will have to say there does seem to be a whole lot of spineless Americans abasing themselves and whining about the sins of their fathers.

Well, it is what it is.  Maybe the cultural Marxists have won, maybe they haven’t.  But the important thing to realize is that we will spend a good part of our lives living in the New America.  Even if over the course of several decades we finally vanquish the Marxists and restore constitutional government to the USA, in the interim we are living without those basic rights.  And in this new place you can’t live a good life by playing by the rules.  Sure, you can manage to make a living if you kowtow to the new gods of wokeness but you’ll have to leave your self-respect behind.  You are going to have to think long and hard and decide what you can do to carve out a space that includes being a man.

I’ve written a number of posts highlighting what sort of things we need to do to hold onto the important things in life, the normal things that are threatened by every action of the Left.  We need to protect our children and provide education and the truth about their world to give them a chance to thrive.  We need to provide our own avenues for free association with other people who think the way we do.  All these things are part of the new way of life.

But none of that can start until you finally admit to yourself that the old world, the America that was, isn’t coming back any time soon.  Until you admit that you will still cling to the idea that your first and second amendment rights will be honored and you have the freedom and the right to speak your mind and that Americans will rally to defend their freedoms and the government will listen.  After what the Supreme Court did this summer it’s hard to believe there’s anyone left who thinks the Constitution is still the law of the land.  Except for President Trump and a few loyalists, the entire federal government and half the states are run by globalists who have no interest in honoring the Constitution.  So, wake up and see things as they really are.

And that brings me to the title of this essay.  The loss of the finest republic that ever existed is something worth mourning.  A horrible crime was committed.  And it happened because the elites that have always run this country wanted it to happen.  And so, when I say there’s no time to mourn what I mean is you’ll have to mourn on the run.  Because there’s no time to sit there and feel sorry for yourself.  Maybe you wanted to retire and enjoy your old age.  But now you have to help your kids and grandkids survive the insanity that we see on every side.  COVID lockdowns and roving bands of looters and propaganda on every channel and every webpage is surely not what we had.  We were given better and we owe these young people help in any way we can to survive and thrive in this bizarre landscape we find ourselves in.  And we can do it too.  In a way we’ll be modern day pilgrims searching for freedom inside the belly of the beast.  We don’t have new continent to flee to but this one is pretty big and surely, we can carve out spaces for ourselves and our families to enjoy the things that we used to take for granted when it was the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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War Pig
War Pig
1 year ago

The bad thing is that even i we do carve out space for ourselves and families, the socialists will not leave us alone. socialism/communism is not happy unless it is expanding, and anyone, anywhere, living a free life is a threat to them.
That’s why I believe it will end in armed conflict.