How to Balance the Budget Without the Congress

Congress has essentially gotten out of the budget balancing business.  The last balanced budget was under George W Bush back in the time before Obama (BO).  But the President has something called the Executive Order and darned if it isn’t every bit as good as law.  So, until such time as Congress actually performs some function again, how about this?

In 2018 the federal government employed 2,055,731 Federal Civilian Employees.  So, putting the armed forces aside we have over two million people drawing a check entirely on our dime.  Whatever the average salary is, once you add in health insurance cost and any pension or other benefits a very conservative annual cost per employee is bound to be above $100,000.  So, just in safe ballpark numbers we are paying two trillion dollars to our public masters every year.

Now you could logically make the point that if these mostly useless people didn’t work for the government they would end up as criminals and the destitute, but putting that cost calculation aside it could be reasonably stated that drastically reducing the number of federal employees is the most effective way to reduce the cost of government.  And as an added benefit it would clear out much of the riff-raff that currently vote Democrat in Virginia and Maryland.  This giant army of freeloaders would disperse across the country and change from a dagger in the heart of the republic into a low-grade fever across the whole body politic.

Think of how wonderful it would be to see building after federal building emptied of these parasites and those same buildings sold off or demolished to make room for more worthwhile endeavors like pawn shops or nail salons.  One day the IRS could be composed of one IT technician and space on a mainframe that multiplied everyone’s paycheck by six percent and sent out the link to where payment could be sent.  NASA would just be two IP address links between the President’s office and Elon Musk’s.  And the Post Office would be a website page that lists the names of companies like FedEx and UPS that have trucks.  Anyone who wants to send a letter would be reminded of the e-mail addresses that everyone in the world already has.  And even for bureaus, departments and offices of the federal government that serve some actual purpose the 80/20 rule could be put into strict application and four fifths of the denizens of the swamp could be heaved up on shore and allowed to dry out and rot in the sun.

I don’t want to claim that there won’t be consequences to something as radical as this.  For several years after the surgery these severed appendices will stagger around the landscape like extras from some zombie movie.  Their palsied limbs endlessly performing the tics of their former occupations.  Fingers hitting the reject button on applications for social security benefits and neck muscles shaking heads back and forth to signify another denial of application to delist a vernal puddle in a backyard as navigable water.  But as lack of food slowly drains them of life they will expire on the sidewalk in front of various federal buildings across the country and when they decompose, they will finally begin to serve a useful purpose.  In fact, I propose the repurposing of these former civil masters as fertilizer be given an appropriate name.  How about the “Green New Deal.”

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War Pig
War Pig
8 months ago

Can’t email everyone as there are large swaths of the country with little to no internet access at all, let alone anything resembling broadband, say, 50 MBPS minimum. Then you have to deal with those who eschew the internet. Not only the Amish, there are several other religions or groups who don’t care for the internet, cell phones, tablets, computers, etc. I agree with ridding ourselves of the gut-sucking parasites which are the majority of federal civil “masters”. I’d also remove from them the power to set penalties of any kind. That is for congress to do. Then I would… Read more »

8 months ago

(Everyone who works for the post office): “But we’re off budget! We aren’t adding to the deficit! There is no reason to cut OUR jobs.” And while that is technically true, when the PO spends more than it takes in (As they do every year.) where does the money to make up the difference come from? From us. That’s where. On the brighter side: It doesn’t get a lot of attention, but Trump has been trying to move many of the federal employees out of the swamp. There is no reason why employees of the BLM (for instance) need to… Read more »