American Greatness Steps Up and Creates a Directory of the Deplatformed

One of the things I’m always yammering on about is the need to identify people on our side.  Well, American Greatness has done just that.  They’ve put together a database of websites that provide forbidden content.  Many of these sites have been depaltformed from Facebook, YouTube and Twitter because they defy the proscribed boundaries of allowable discourse.  And they’ve even categorized their sins into five flavors

  1. Christian Patriot
  2. Climate Skeptic
  3. Free Speech Ally
  4. Irreverent Investigator
  5. Western Warrior

This is a great resource for folks who are looking for reliable sources of information and communities on our side.  In fact it’s almost too much choice but since it’s categorized it does help to focus your search.  I’m sure there can be debate about who is and isn’t on the list and maybe contacting the publisher of the list might facilitate an addition if warranted.  Anyway, the link below goes directly to the data base.