Murkowski Jumps on the Trump Bandwagon

Other than Senator Collins in Maine who is in the fight of her political life for re-election I don’t think any other Republican will vote against Barrett.  Even that gutless weasel Romney can see which way the wind is blowing and will follow the Senate leader’s orders.  But seeing Murkowski cave tells me that she thinks Trump is going to win and she doesn’t want to be his biggest Republican target in two years when she come up for re-election.


Listening to these craven fools pretend that they are making decisions based on careful ethical considerations is nauseating.  These sham conservatives are the real problem in our government.  If we had actual conservatives in Washington we wouldn’t be in the end stages of governmental collapse.  Even if she votes for our side this time, I hope an actual conservative runs against her and gives the people a real choice.

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2 years ago

Agreed. Murkowski only has the seat because daddy gave it to her. I have no use for dynasties – especially in this country.
As for Collins, she’s a RINO at best. I wouldn’t mind seeing her go. I’m as tired of her as I was of McCain – always pretending to be above partisanship.
I know its been said before, but have you noticed that the other side doesn’t have anyone who ever crosses the aisle?
Why is it only Republicans who have to put up with this?