What’s President Trump’s Next Move?

I assume Dementia Joe and Willie Brown’s Ho will start off their fake regime by passing a whole bunch of laws to make us miserable and trample on our constitutional rights.  Whatever atrocities they commit I’ll do my best to neutralize their effect by appropriate avoidance techniques.  But I’ll be damned if I’ll actually listen to anything those morons have to say.  I don’t have the strongest stomach and I think it would be bad for my digestion to hear that kind of bilge on an empty or full stomach.  Unless, that is, if someone tells me that there are some really hilarious gaffs included.  And even then, it will be annoying to see his ugly stupid head.

But what I’m really interested in is President Trump’s next moves.  I want to hear from the man.  If he is going to set up an operation I want to know if it’s something I can get involved in.  A social media company especially one that allows users to network with people from our side would be very exciting.  And a small fee to set up a site on it wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me as long as it works well.

A news media company would be okay but honestly, I get my information from websites now and television isn’t so much of a thing I’m interested in anymore.  But burying FoxNews is an admirable goal so that would be okay.

Maybe he’s going to start a political organization, either a third party or a PAC that will represent the interests of the Deplorables.  That would be amazing.  I could see an organization like that primarying every single one of the quisling Republicans that turned tail and showed the yellow stripes on their backs during the “riot in the Capitol.”  Seeing Mitt Romney ejected during a primary election would be one of the happiest moments of my political life.

Or maybe he’s going to two or three of these things at the same time.  Or maybe he’s going to get back into his own business.  After all, four years is a long time to ignore a large company.  Maybe it’s time he got back to making money.

Or finally, maybe he’s tired and will want to retire and write his memoirs.  I’m sure he could sell a hundred million copies of a book that details the things that went on in the White House during his administration.  It would be fascinating and very educational to many, many of us.

But whatever he decides to do I’d like to know.  Having him cut off from his people is weird.  I don’t think there’s been a week in the last four years that he hasn’t sent us messages about what he was thinking and doing.  Having to hear about Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer or especially Dementia Joe is just too boring and unpleasant to contemplate.  They are pathetic losers and subhuman creatures that don’t merit anyone reading or hearing their words or thoughts.

So, come on President Trump, set up a website and provide us with some content.  It doesn’t have to be restricted to tweet length messages.  Keep us informed about what the real leader of the real Americans is up to.  Don’t leave us to the dreary prospect of subsisting on the nonsense that comes out of “official” Washington.  That’s a fate worse than death.

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Peter Canaday
Peter Canaday
10 months ago

Now like a tiger, waiting to pounce?

10 months ago

I’m sick of the left always trying to make the right look bad it is so double standard it makes me sick. I sure hope and pray Trump has something up his sleeve still.