10JAN2021 – Tech Alternatives

So in a comment, Chemist noted that Amazon is cancelling Parler’s server space in order to shut them down.  And that web hosts are purging evil thinkers based on their evil thinking.  This is all true.  But in the spirit of providing information, I did a little search and found this hosting company Klicked Media that is specifically aimed at hosting conservative web sites.  They also say they can monetize your site too.  I’ll need to look into the details a little but that sounds pretty encouraging.  I assume they do not use Google or Amazon servers for their hosting.  But it would have to be confirmed.  I’ll give them a shout and find out.

As far as social media sites I’ve been on Gab since 2016.  It’s not actually my cup of tea but I can see how it will satisfy the Twitter/Facebook users.  Now that Facebook and Twitter are going through with their purges Gab may turn out to be the real winner in this whole debacle.  Imagine if President Trump sets up an account there.  That would be something.

Vox Day has a social media site called Social Galactic.  I don’t know the details of it but Vox is an island of his own and you have to take him as he is.  So visit his website before getting involved to make sure that community is for you.

I’ll try to add more information for those interested.  But it is important to know that there are alternatives to working with those who hate us.

But the greatest presence on the internet and the smartest people in the multiverse are of course right here at Orion’s Cold Fire (OCF).  We few, we happy few, we band of brothers, well you get he picture.

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8 months ago

The key is distributed nodes of free expression, linked and scaled by a common commitment to freedom. Such an organizing principle ensures no widespread vulnerability government attack.