24APR2021 – OCF Update

I’ve been going through some of the “Oscar Nominated” movies that TCM runs for a month before the Oscars Ceremony.  Lately they have been adding in films from the 1970’s, 80’s and even later.  It’s interesting that some movies that I saw when they came out back in the old days really didn’t age well. As an example there was a movie, “Mona Lisa” from 1986.  It was Bob Hoskins break out role.  He earned an Oscar for best actor.  It’s about a small time London crook who is assigned to drive a high priced black hooker to her hotel appointments.  The story revolves around his emotional involvement with the woman and his attempt to help her save an underaged girl who has been swallowed up by the sex trade.  Some things in the movie are interesting but the grittiness of the portrayal of the sex trade in 1980’s London is a bit much to watch.  I didn’t remember it being so ugly and so extremely downbeat.  And that movie is just one example.  Especially in the 1970s the attempt to portray realism ended up making for a very tawdry product.  There are exceptions but it is worth commenting on as a feature of the era.

I have been remiss in finishing off season two of Star Trek and then finishing out season three.  It’s because I really am not in the mood for it.  I’ve been wanting to start the Jackie Gleason series, “The Honeymooners.”  But I am going to rededicate myself to slogging through the rest of Star Trek.  It has to be done.  But I may decide to start the Honeymooners before I finish.  There’s nothing wrong with a little variety.

I spent today outside working in the fields.  I have some of the scariest thorn bushes growing at the borders of my woods.  The trunks of these things get as thick as saplings, two or three inches thick.  If I wait until summer they will form an impenetrable wall of thorn brambles.  The thorns are bigger than the ones you find on roses.  They are formidable.  And we had some invasive trees to remove.  There are Russian Olive trees that have gotten way out of control.  So I went back there with my triangular saw and my large pruning shears and attacked them with all the enthusiasm I could muster.  I’ll have to say I was surprised how much satisfaction you can get from beating up on brush.  It was tiring but when I finished the job I felt better than I have in weeks.  Physical activity takes your mind off the political madness going on.  Sure it is temporary but I really did clear my head.

So with renewed enthusiasm I say to this fallen land we live in, “Bring it on, bring it on!”